How to make a Mob Farm in Minecraft Bedrock? Complete Guide

Here in this article we are going to discuss about Mob Farm in detail. It is a crucial part of Minecraft game as it allows you to bypass the killing of random mob for crafting things and rather create mob farming in order to earn quick XP for doing so many tasks including enchanting.

What is a Mob Farm in Minecraft?

The purpose of creating Mob Farm structure is to get quick mobs drops in large quantity. It contains two parts.

#.To create big dark room for spawning mobs that are further guided into a central location,

#.Mob grinder to kill them at fast pace.

 Mob farms can also drop experience points which can then be used to create weapons, tools and different armors in addition to use it for enchanting and anvils.

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Requirements for Making Mob Form in Minecraft

In order to create a well-organized Mob Farm in Minecraft, you must have the following items:

#.1 Eight buckets of water

#2.100 Ladders

#3.Four Hoppers

#4. 21 stack of any building block

#5. 410 trap doors

#6. Two Chests

#7. 64 buttons

How to make a Mob Farm in Minecraft Bedrock?

Once you are confirmed that you fulfill all the requirements for building a Mob Farm then you can follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: Create a 6×4 platform by using 150 blocks above the base level. Frist create as 150-blocks high pillar for making a platform on it before you place ladder on the pillar.

Step 2: Make a 24-block high, 6*6 hollow tunnel with a 4*4 opening on one side from where the tunnel starts.

Step 3: Create same structure above the tunnel & be sure to break the inner wall on channels one by one.

Step 4:  Fill all the four chambers with two water buckets

Step 5: Make a three-block high wall on the edge of the topmost platform. Then create a roof above the walls on the edges

Step 6: The chamber should be protected from mobs to prevent spawning hence place a trap door on the roof top.

Step 7: Make a storage system using double chests and four hoppers going in the chests. After that, place slabs above the hoppers.

How to Design a Mob Farm?

In Minecraft, There is multiple designs for mob farm. Some of them are very popular such as Raid Farm, Dungeons, Multilayered Farm, Simple Tower, Kelp XP farm and so on.

Raid Farm: Find a Pillager outpost and destroy it. You have to build the farm where most pillagers were attracted by the Outpost.

Dungeons: These structures are naturally spawned. It is a source of XP and resources in the game.

Multi-Layered Farm: This farm uses a lot of resources. It contains dispensers, chests, hoppers and repeaters. It also provides so many XPs and items. Dispensers are used to dispense water and mobs are then pushed toward the grinder for killing and gives XP and items in return.

Simple Tower: In order to crate simple towers, 25 stacks of cobblestone and few hopeers and trapdoors are required. Most players have abundance of cobblestone with them hence it is not difficult to crate this type of tower in Minecraft.

Kelp XP farm: This farm is used for creating farm for XP. Interestingly, this mob farm doesn’t has mobs. It requires hoppers, smokers, pistons, kelp and observer. When a kelp is removed from the smokers, XP is gained for all the cooked kelp.

What are the preferable locations for making Mob Farm?

Before making Mob Farm you must choose the location wisely for getting the maximum benefits. You need to keep the following clues in mind while locating a place for building Mob Farm.

#. You need to stay within a few hundred blocks of the spawn area.

#. The Farm needs complete darkness for them to spawn effectively for hostile mobs.

#. If you desire biome exclusive mobs like Nether Mobs then it is necessary that you are making farm in biome.

#. The area should be big enough to spawn, store & move the mobs. Basically one chunk is adequate

You must take care that the mob farm is neither too high or nor too deep, if you are doing so then it might become unproductive while discovering the nearby areas. As per the experts the most appropriate place for building mob farms is under the ocean.

Types of Mob Farm available in Minecraft

There are two main types of Mob Farms in Minecraft namely Spawner Mob Farm and Natural Spawning Mob Farm. These mob forms are built in different locations. For example, Spawner Mob farms are created around Mob Spawners. . For creating spawner mob farms, things like Strongholds, Nether Fortresses, Dungeons are required

for natural spawning mob farms, darks places automatically spawned by mob and is used for creating farm. It can be built anywhere but places like desert biomes are perfect because of deep underground and dark areas.

How to Use Mob Farm?

Once you have created Mob Farm then it’s clear that Mobs have already started appearing in the spawner room. Now wait for five minutes after that climb down from your AFK room & go back to the very bottom of the mob farm.

If you have appropriately built Mob Farm and waited for long time, the chances are high that you will get several enemies stuck together on the top of the stone slabs. You will hardly be able to see them, and if you are able see them, their legs will be visible. .

After you have collected enough enemies, swing a weapon at their legs to kill them. They should only take one or two hits each.

Some Related FAQs:

How to stop Spiders from spawning in Mob Farm?

Iron Bars, Walls, Blocks like Fences can block spider spawns but they create hinder in movement. That’s the reason; buttons are generally used in all top-tier creeper farm designs.

How to make a compact/small mob farm Minecraft?

In order to make mob farms in any version of Minecraft, you will need a lot of resources to do so in the survival mode. For making compact or small Mob Farm, you need chests, hoppers, stone, trapdoors, slabs & water. Your mob farm will automatically spawn foes and gather them into a single location with low health.

 How big / high does a mob farm have to be in Minecraft?

A Mob Farm must have a height of at least 23 blocks. This height is considered as the marginal height required to suddenly kill a mob. When you are done with building up or digging down to the anticipated height you can work on building.

Why Mob Farm not working?

You are likely to face Mob Farm not working issue if your farm is not at least 3 blocks high and completely darkened on all sides. Other possible reason for getting stuck with the same situation is improper server settings and mob restrictions. Sometimes users also face troubles if they have not constructed the Farm properly or have too much light or Windows inside the Farm.

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