How to set passwords on My Activity/ Google Search History?

There are memes around that Boy’s browser histories are like a clean BedSheet. Tell me, how would you delete your browsing history after you die?

 Well, you won’t need that as Google has launched a new feature where you can add password to your Google History.

The company added this extra verification to the My Activity Tab. So, from now, your Google Search history will be protected with passwords.

To know the steps how you can set passwords on My Activity/Google Search History, keep reading this article.

Steps to set Passwords on Google Search History

The entire steps are very easy. You can easily set a password on your Google Activity (My Activity). All that you require is to go to the There you will find an option “Manage My Activity Verification.

Click on the said button, and then select “Require Extra Verification” and click Save. Now, enter your Google account password. Once you do that, you will be redirected to the My Activity page,

On this page, set a password. You will also have an option to turn off web and app activity and location history to maintain complete privacy.

Note: You can delete the password anytime later just by setting your history to auto-delete.

When you turn off app and web activity, Google will stop tracking you across the web. Similarly, turning off location history means stopping the Google from keeping an account of the places you have been to.

Password on search history is something like by most. It finally ends the promises of “delete my browser history when I die”.

Samir Prakash Author