How to Turn ON a Switched OFF Phone without Power button [Steps]

Tips to Turn ON a Switched OFF Phone without Power button [Android]:

In this post, we are going to discuss on How to Turn ON a Switched OFF Phone without Power button. You are provided with easy steps/methods to perform this operation. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘Turn ON a Switched OFF Phone without Power button’:

If you have Android phone /iPhone, then you are already known about how to use Power button the device for various purposes. Basically, Power button on your phone is used to unlock/lock your phone when it is turned ON, and also used to turn your device ON or OFF. Additionally, Power button with other key combinations like Volume Up, Volume Down, or Home button is used for accessing Android Recovery Environment to perform various different tasks like to reset Android phone in recovery mode and others.

When your device is turned ON and you long-press the ‘Power’ button, it shows the various Power options including Turn OFF, Restart, Airplane Mode and others depending on your mobile phone’s model. On other hard, if your phone is turned OFF/Switched OFF, then you can turn it ON just by long-pressing ‘Power’ button on your phone. Your device will be turned ON when you long-press Power button.

However, several users reported they faced some problems with power button and they were unable to turn ON their mobile phone with broken/damaged power button. This issue indicates power button is not working in your phone that’s why you are unable to turn ON your Android device with Power button. If you are facing the same and you are unable to turn ON a switched OFF phone with Power button or you are looking for the same to do without power button, then you are in right-place for the solution. Let’s go for the steps.

How to Turn ON a Switched OFF Phone without Power button [Android]?

These methods will work if your device is turned OFF and you want to turn it ON without Power button.

Method 1: Plug in Charger & Press Volume Down button

It might possible your Android phone is discharged or battery is not very low that’s why you are unable to turn your device ON. You can try to fix the issue by charging your phone. To do so, you need to plug a charger into your phone and power cord, and press & hold ‘Volume Down’ button until the device turns ON.

Also, if you have mistaken the power button to be culprit but actually the battery is drained, this method will clear the air. Also, you can try plugging in your mobile into PC and then press and hold ‘Volume Down’ button

Method 2: Restart your device from Boot menu

Boot Menu is also known as Recovery Mode. It is Android utility to perform advanced actions on Android devices. You can use this tool to turn ON your switched OFF phone without power button

Step 1: Press and hold ‘Volume Down’ buttons and ‘Power/Home’ button simultaneously

Step 2: There are also specific key combinations available for different devices. You can check the one for your device in user manual, or on official manufacturer website

Step 3: Once you are in Boot menu, go to ‘Reboot System Now’ option using Volume up and down buttons.

Step 4: After that, use the Home button to select this option and restart your device, and check if it works for you.

Method 3: Remove Battery Trick for old mobiles

If you have mobile with removable battery, then you can try to turned ON your device by removing b battery and then proceed further.

Step 1: When device is turned ON, plug in charger and make sure the device is charged at least 60%

Step 2: Open back panel and remove the battery from PIN, hold it inside in the manner shown in image.

Step 3: This is to make you quickly put back battery in.

Step 4: Disconnect the charger cable and plug the battery back in at the exact same time and done. You will see that your Android phone is turning ON.

Method 4: Schedule Power ON/OFF

You can also use Schedule Power On/OFF feature when power button is not working. This feature allows you turn ON your device automatically at specific point in time.

Step 1: Open ‘Settings’ App in your device and look for ‘Schedule Power ON/OFF’ feature

Step 2: Enable this feature from there. After that, set the time for the device to turn ON and OFF automatically on exact time and then save the changes. Now, just make sure that your device never runs out of power.

Method 5: How to Turn ON a Switched OFF Phone without Power button using ‘ADB Command’?

If you are unable to turn ON your phone physical power button, then you need to boot using ADB commands. For this, you need to download and install ADB and Fastboot tools on your computer.

Step 1: Download and install ADB and Fastboot tools in your computer from their official site

Step 2: You need to launch phone into bootloader. Press ‘Volume up’ and/or Down buttons on phone (Keys varies from manufactures) and plug your device into computer using following as an outline.

  • Nexus and Pixel Devices: Press and hold the volume down and plug in the device.When the Google splash screen appears, release it.
  • LG Devices: Press and hold the volume down until the LG logo appears, then release. If that does not work, then release the volume button for a second and press it again.
  • HTC Devices: HTC Refers to it as ‘Fastboot Mode’ Press and hold the volume down button, then power up the device while keeping the volume down key pressed.
  • Motorola Devices: Press and hold the volume down and plug it in.

Step 3: Once your phone is in Bootloader mode, run the following command in ADB (must be connected to PC)

fastboot continue

Step 4: Once executed, it will immediately boot your phone and check if it works for you.


I am sure this post helped you on How to Turn ON a Switched OFF Phone without Power button with easy ways. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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