How to use Joinable whatsApp call feature?

WhatsApp has added a new “joinable calls” feature with its latest update version. This feature would allow join back in the call that you leave as long as the call is active. Undoubtedly, this is the must-have feature for WhatsApp calls. Read this article for the guide how you can join missed group calls.

Joinable calls feature WhatsApp

Up till now, when we do not have the latest WhatsApp version, when a person from a group missed an incoming call, someone had to call that person again to join the call. Now, with the newly added WhatsApp feature, you can join it freely by just tapping on the call in the call tabs.

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Here is the detailed process:

When you get a call from a group and by chance you missed it, you can still see group call notification on your phone as long as the call is active. Just click on it to join the call.

Alternatively, you can join call from the calls tab on the WhasApp. There, you will see if the group call if it is active, just click on it,

You will see WhatsApp call UI upon this, where the complete list of the call’s participants will appear. There, you will see Join button. Click on it to join the call.

That is all. You are on the call. The entire step is quite easy, as you see. This feature is available to all WhatsApp users whether they are using Android or iOS. If you haven’t seen the feature on your phone, make sure you are running the latest WhatsApp version.

Samir Prakash Author