How to use Windows 10 File Explorer ribbon on Windows 11?

If you are the one does not like changes in the UI design with the File Explorer Ribbon that the Windows has 11 now, you should know, there is a way you can switch to the previous UI elements.

The process is not that hard and so you can perform the switch yourself. This article guides you the steps that you need to go through to perform the switch.

The entire process requires a few moments of your time. There is no need of any computer skill in it. Our guide will be enough to revert to the old File Explorer ribbon.

How to switch to old File Explorer ribbon in Windows 11?

  • Go to the Control Panel on your Windows 11,

  • Select the option Appearance and Personalization,

  • Click on File Explorer options,

  • Now, mark ticks on next to the text saying “Launch folder windows in a separate process”. Then Click Apply,

After doing these steps correctly, you will see the end result something like the screenshot below:

Sometimes in future, if you find yourself bored with this UI design and want to switch to that of Windows 11 version, follow the same steps and un-tick the little box that we asked you to tick.

Samir Prakash Author