Know How to Create Full Backup Windows 10: Tips & Tricks

Create Full System Image Backup

In case your System has been crashed, software corrupted, hardware failure and damages in your PCs, backup of your System can be best strategy against such damages. If you have strong backup of your entire System, then you have not any problem in future. You will be able to restore entire System in case of damages. It is important to create backup of your System on regular time interval because it helps you recover all documents, photos and custom configurations as well. Let’s try to know how to create full backup windows 10.

This article will help you to create full system image backup on Windows 10 with recommended methods as well as you will get the ways to restore it on your PCs. When we talk about Windows 10 OS, there are lots of ways to create backup including, manually copying your files to external storage, to storing files securely in cloud, to using third parties backup & recovery software. If you don’t want any third party backup & recovery tool on your PCs and trying to use manual methods to create backup, then you are in right place. Let’s take have a look at the methods given below.

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How to create a full system backup in windows 10: Tips & Tricks

Procedure 1: Create System image backup on Windows 10

Step 1: Click on Start button and go for Control Panel

Step 2: In Control Panel, click on System and Security

Step 3: Now, click on Backup and Restore

Step 3: After that, click on Create a System Image on left pane

Step 4: Now, select the location to save the Windows 10 users profile backup and click on Next to continue. You would better save the backup on an external storage device so that you can transfer it to other computers.

Step 5: Wait for complete the process. Once done, the wizard will proceeded to create a full backup of your System including everything that is stored on the main drive as well as the System reserved partition.

Procedure 2: how to restore System image backup windows 10

Step 1: At first, you need to connect external drive with the System image backup to your device

Step 2: Now, connect the disk that contain the System repair files or USB bootable drive with Windows 10 installation files to your device.

Step 3: After that, restart your computer and press F2 and choose boot from USB

Step 4: Now, click on Next on Windows setup page

Step 5: Click on Repair your Computer link at bottom-left corner and then click on Troubleshoot options

Step 6: Now, click on System Image Recovery options

Step 7: Select the target OS (Windows 10)

Step 8: After that, select the Use the latest available System image options on Re-image your computer page, and click on Next

Step 9: If you are restoring a full backup to new drive, you can also select the Format and repartition Disks options and then click on Next

Step 10: Finally, click on finish and click Yes to confirm that the backup will replace the data on the drive.

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I hope this article helped you to create full backup windows 10 and restore full backup on your PC. Procedure 1 explained the steps to create full System backup image and Procedure 2 gives the solution to recover or restore System backup on your PCs. As you know that, backup of your Stems is very important because it helps you in case of damages like hardware failure, Software issues and other damages. on, you can try this methods. You should try to use strong PC protection software on your computer that is able to detect problem and helps to boast up your System performance.

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