Learn To Fix Samsung Note 9 Camera Failed

amsung Note 9 Camera Failed error is somehow disappointing for its users when faced, but can be fixed. The unwanted eruption of this error while launching smartphone’s camera not always means problem with app crash. Also there can be many reasons that must be identified in order to resolve issue in a very mean time. Many of the Note 9 users encountered this problem on their device and seeking help from experts how to sort out the issue in easy. And this article is all meant to offer them some possible methods through which fixing samsung note 9 camera error can easily be resolved.

Within Galaxy series, the device named Samsung galaxy note 9 is a great flagship by Samsung, that is lashed with great features. When comes to photography, its camera features and descent and unbeatable among its competitors. But, this never means the device will not throw some errors, and facing situations like samsung note 9 camera failed is one of them. In many cases, this issue may happen when associated app crash or freezes, or even due to crossed limit of specified cache size to app. Whether the reason of error be any, its resolution is necessary, and here are the methods we recommend you to overcome samsung note 9 camera error in minutes.

Common Ways To Sort Out Camera Error on Samsung Note 9

Before you start to troubleshoot samsung note 9 camera failed issue, the best is recommended to identify the cause either with the app or firmware. In case the device seems to be problematic due to hardware problem, you should take your device to Samsung store or care center where the defective camera hardware will be replaced. Since the camera of Samsung note 8 is one of the selling points, the company will really tend to help you at its best. However, if the camera error is due to firmware or app issues, below are some practices to solve the error.

Clearing camera’s cache and its data

Resetting camera settings and configurations to default mostly fix errors or problems with its app. And in order to accomplish this need, Clearing camera’s cache and data is necessary. But don’t need to worry about your saved pictured or videos, because this camera resetting method is not going to affect them. To reset camera settings, here’s the required steps:

1. On home screen, swipe up on screen to open Apps tray where all installed app’s icon appears

2. navigate to find Settings, tap over it and choose Apps

3. To see pre-installed applications on Note 9, tab Menu > Show system apps

4. Find app for Camera

5. Tab Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data > Delete

This will wipe out all apps settings and data for Camera app, or say reset galaxy note 9 camera app. Hope, samsung note 9 camera failed issue will be resolved. To check it, launch the camera and confirm if problem is resolved.

Rebooting note 9 in Safe Mode

Many a times, it happens that other installed applications on device which allows users to capture pictures, make use of default camera apps and its services. In such cases, it’s possible that some of these apps or their cache may cause camera to suffer bottlenecks. As a result, samsung note 9 camera failed issue is expected to erupt on screen. To check this, a user can disable all third party apps which may conflict default camera app and its settings leading to crashes. In order to accomplish this task, rebooting galaxy 9 in Safe Mode can help. The steps are:

1. Turn the phone off

2. Press and hold Power button until Samsung logo screen appears

3. After the screen appears, release the Power key

4. immediately after step 3, press and hold Volume down key until device finish restart process

5. Your device is now in Safe Mode. Release Volume down key

6. Launch camera and check if it works smoothly

In case if camera works as desired, them some of installed apps with camera permissions might be conflicting default camera app. To fix this, you can uninstall such useless apps or clear its data or cache. Otherwise, if the samsung note 9 camera error still persists, get to next solution.

Deleting entire phone system cache

Deleting system cache from Note 9 is recommended when it seems samsung note 9 camera failed issue is caused by some corrupt system cache. In most of the cases, when these system file cache gets obsolete, gets corrupt easily and start to conflict other apps. Your issue may also be due to same reason and following the steps can fix it as well.

1. Turn the device off

2. Press and hold Volume up key and Bixby key together, then press and hold Power key

3. Release the keys when Android logo starts to appear

4. Wait for 30-60 seconds and your device will be under Android system recovery mode

5. Press Volume down or up key as required to select Wipe Cache Partition option

6. To choose selected option, press Power key

7. Similar to step 5, select Yes, then press Power key to confirm your selection

8. This will wipe out system cache partition, once completes, Reboot system now option is highlighted

9. Press Power key to restart your galaxy phone

If your samsung note 9 camera failed issue were caused by corrupt system cache, this method will probably fix it, otherwise you would have no choice rather to reset your phone.

How to reset Galaxy Note 9?

In case a user tries all above methods but the device camera continues to crash or freeze like before, then the problem may either related to firmware issue. Re-installing android firmware can fix this, but doing it yourself is not recommended. This will void your phone’s warranty, so it’s better you choose to reset your phone or visit an authorized technician for further help. But, before you reset your device or visit the technician to fix samsung note 9 camera error issue, it’s recommended to take backup of all your data as resetting will erase them. Here are the steps for resetting the Note 9 to factory defaults.

1. Switch the device off

2. Press and hold Volume up key with Bixby key, then press and hold power key to enter Android recovery mode (Logging in System recovery mode is also mentioned in previous method, so you might be aware of how to use it.)

3. Press Volume down or up key as required to highlight “wipe data/ factory reset” option

4. Press the Power button to select

5. Press Volume down key to highlight “Yes-delete all user data”

6. Press Power button to confirm your selection and start master reset

7. When master reset is complete, choose “Reboot system now” which will be highlighted after factory reset

8. Your device will restart now. Configure all on screen settings to get Homescreen.

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