Methods to Fix surface pro 3 pen not working (Tutorial)

Have you ever checked surface pro 3 pen working or not on your Surface tablets, OneNote and other similar devices? As you known that Surface Pro 3 is most interesting feature of tablet and similar smart device where you write & draw anything on the device’ screen like on the paper. But, users have experiencing issues regarding to surface pen and says it working on their device. If you are one of them, then you can read this article carefully and follow the instruction given below.

If you have faced same problem in Windows 10 PCs i.e., surface pen not writing but buttons work on windows 10, don’t worry. You will get help from this article to fix this issue. Actually, this problem occurs only in Windows 10, but other version of Windows OS based computer as well. So, read the instruction carefully.

Various ways to solve or fix surface pro 3 pen not working windows 10 issue

Procedure 1: You need to pair the surface pro 3 manually

Step 1: Click on “Start” button and then click on “Settings

Step 2: Now, Click on “Change PC settings” then click on “Device > Bluetooth” and turn it on.

Step 3: Find “surface pro 3” from list and click on it and then click on “Remove device

Step 4: You need to hold down the top button for 6-7 seconds until the light in middle of pen clip starts to flash

Step 5: Once the pen appears in the list of Bluetooth, click on it and then click on “pair

Procedure 2: surface pen tip not working but eraser is to solve it. You need to change the coin cell batteries

Step 1: To change the coin cell batteries, you will need to two size 319 coin cell battery

Step 2: Then unscrew the top of pen from the bottom leaving the paper label in the top in the place

Step 3: Now, put the battery or cell in middle of spring and unscrew battery case.

Step 4: Slide the top of pen down over battery and tighten the case and finally, screw the bottom and top of pen back together.

Procedure 3: You need to check Surface Pen drivers, if surface pen not writing but buttons work

Sometimes, surface pen not writing but buttons work issue comes due to problems with its driver software i.e., It might possible that its driver software has been expired or corrupted. It this case, you need to update the driver software from its official websites and hope the issues will be resolved.

Procedure 4: You need to install Surface app on your device

If you want to purchase or get the Surface app for your device, then you can download it from Microsoft store easily. I hope this app will help you to better optimize your Surface pen experience and resolved this issue on your Windows 10.


I hope this tutorial helped you to solve this problem. You can choose either one or all procedure to solve this issue as per System requirements. If you are unable to fix surface pro 3 pen not working issue on windows 10, then it might possible that your System has infected from malware or Spyware which has corrupted its driver. So, you can scan your machine with very strong antivirus software “Reimage” that has the ability to delete all junk files from System as well as solve this type of issue.

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