How to lock Facebook Profile from friends steps

Introduction Imagine this scenario: You’ve just had a great time at a family gathering, and you decide to share some photos on your Facebook profile. It’s a mix of personal moments, from a memorable vacation to a candid snapshot of your beloved pet. As you post these pictures, you’re met with a barrage of comments […]

Reinstall wd external hard drive drivers steps

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How to fix Sorry your PC doesn’t Meet the Hardware Requirements for Captures

eing a Windows user you might have aware with all its built-in features. Among all the amazing features of Windows, Xbox Game Bar is one of the built-in features which allow the users to use a variety of widgets such as sound controls, performance statistics or framerate while playing games on their PC. In order […]

How to Fix Windows 10 No Sound Realtek [Solved Guide]

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How to Fix This PC can’t run Windows 11 error [Easy Guide]

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How to fix Webcam Black Screen Windows 10/11

everal users have reported Webcam Black Screen on Windows 10/11 when they try to use their built-in camera or an external webcam on their computer. Here in this post we are going to discuss about the same, so if you are also looking for a troubleshooting guide, you can totally rely on this article. We will talk […]

How to Fix Office Error Code 1058-13 Windows 10 [METHODS]

Microsoft Office is known for its productivity applications such as Word for making and editing documents, PowerPoint for making presentation, Outlook for managing emails, Excel for creating spreadsheets and other like them. The system requirement requires is not that much therefore it can be used on almost any computer system. The applications or the service […]

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How to Disable Hyper-V in Windows 10 (Easy Steps)

It is a very common situation that user fails to disable Hyper-V in Windows 10. Hyper V is the best utility that allows users to replace Windows Virtual PC and run multiple Operating Systems in a single device. This tool is definitely not for the inexperienced and novice users. The common error that comes while […]

How to Create Printer Shortcut Windows 10

ere in this article we will guide you on how to create Printer Shortcut Windows 10. In the earlier version of Windows it was quite easy for the users to see the pending tasks for your printer. But in Windows 10, users face issues due to new ways of printing. If you are on the […]