Movie and TV Section on Google TV iOS App Not Working

Google TV is a service provided by Google Inc. in which it integrates all the content of popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Peacock, HBO Max and others in one interface. Think of Google TV as not a service provider rather an application that runs alongside of Android TV as well as supported devices and mixes all the content in one interface.

Google also included its smart Artificial Intelligence feature by which users will be provided recommendations and suggestions based on your searches and watch habits.  With its success Google has decided to launch this application on iOS devices and will replace the old Google Play Movies and TV app in the Apple App Store. If users have older version installed then they can download the latest update from the app store.

While the success last with Android supported devices and platforms, it was not a smooth sail for iOS devices. After the release many user have reported the issue of Movies and TV section on Google TV iOS app not working as well as Movies and TV section on Google TV not working in general. Users are furious and are looking for answers.

While there is no official news from the developer team of Google TV are any patches being rolled out to resolve the issue however, we have gathered all the workarounds and methods that can be used to possibly fix this error. These are mention below alongside their instructions.

Fix Problem with Google TV application

There are several workarounds and methods that can be used to fix the problem therefore try them all one by one if the issue persists.

Method 1: Restart Your Device

There are instances when the actual problem is not with the application rather the device users were using. Temporary bugs and glitches are common to happen and these can create disparities within application and user device causing errors. To fix this perform a clean boot by following the given instructions:

  1. Close all your running application.
  2. Hold the power button.
  3. Tap on Power Off to shut it down.
  4. Leave the device turned off for couple of minutes.
  5. Boot the device back on by holding the power button until logo appears.
  6. Now launch the application and check if the issue persists.
Method 2: Check Internet Connection

If the above method does not work then the issue could have been the internet connection. As you already know, Google TV requires a stable internet connection to perform without hitches and if it is unstable or slow then this could cause content to not load or have other issues.

To fix this you can change your internet connection type, this means if you are connected to internet via mobile data then change it to Wifi connection. Mobile networks are infamous for being inconsistence at time. And if you are connected to Wifi and having troubles then reboot your router to reset the connection to fix bugs or glitches within.

Another way you can reset your connection type is by toggling the Airplane mode which restricts all the wireless connection. Airplane mode can be found in quick settings tiles or in device settings option.

Method 3: Delete Cache Data

Cache data is created by application to ensure a stable performance and fluid interface. Sometimes these cache data get corrupted due to any unstable behavior. Removing the cache file or data could resolve the issue. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. In your iPhone or iPad devices, open Settings
  2. Now navigate to Apps then Manage Apps or Application Manager.
  3. List of installed application will appear.
  4. From that list find and open Google TV application.
  5. Select Storage option.
  6. Then tap on Clear Cache button.
  7. Reboot your device.
  8. Open application to check for issues.
Method 4: Reinstall Google TV application

If none of the above method work then the last option will be to uninstall and install the application on your device. Follow these instructions:

  1. Touch and hold Google TV application from homescreen.
  2. Tap on Remove App.
  3. Now tap on Delete App.
  4. Again tap Delete to confirm.
  5. Open App Store after successfully removing the application.
  6. Tap on Search Bar and type Google TV.
  7. Choose Google TV application from the list.
  8. Tap on Get button to download.
  9. Wait for it to download, it will install automatically.
  10. Login with your credentials and check if the problem persists.


Problems like movie and TV section on Google TV iOS app not working after the launch of an application ruin the user experience as well as trust completely. Even though there is no official confirmation about when the issue will be patched we have gathered and listed all the possible methods and fixes that you can use to eradicate the issue and use the application without any hassle.

Samir Prakash Author