PotPlayer shortcut keys to subtitle sync, change keyboard, full screen shortcut, change audio language, zoom, rotate [Guide]

In this article, we are going to discuss on PotPlayer shortcut keys and the shortcuts to subtitle sync, change keyboard, full screen shortcut, change audio language, zoom, rotate in PotPlayer in Windows 10/11 computer. You are provided here with easy ways to perform this. Let’s starts the discussion.

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What is PotPlayer?

PotPlayer is one of mostly popular multimedia player application designed & developed for Microsoft Windows Operating System. This media player software competes with some other popular Windows Media Player such as VLC Media Player, GOM Player, KMPlayer, SMPlayer, and Media Player Classic.

PotPlayer’s quantity of options is one of its biggest weaknesses. PotPlayer software includes many different settings which unfortunately makes wading through the checkbox-laden settings menu kind of a pain. Additionally, this media player software started showing popup ads on lower-right corner of app-screen.

What are the PotPlayer shortcut keys for Windows 11/10?

PotPlayer multimedia software is easy-to-use and user-friendly interface so that this media player software can easily be used by any kinds of users on their Windows computer. It is quite simple & easy to navigate the tools, icons, settings, open videos, and navigating any other locations on PotPlayer with the help of mouse. You can do anything on PotPlayer software just by using mouse buttons.

However, PotPlayer Software can also be used and controlled using keyboards or PotPlayer keyboard shortcuts. These shortcut keys allow you to access and navigate through the interface with the help of keyboard’s keys instead of using mouse. These shortcuts can also help you to reduce the time consuming which was occurred while using PotPlayer with mouse. Here, the list of PotPlayer shortcut keys.

List of PotPlayer keyboard shortcut keys: Use and Control PotPlayer through keyboard shortcuts

Function keys Shortcuts:

About Potplayer: F1

Browse Folder: F2

Open: F3

Close: F4

Preference: F5

Playlist On or Off: F6

Equalizer Settings: F7

File Navigator: F12

Standard Control Shortcuts:

Play the Previous File: Page Up key

Play Next File: Page Down key

Volume Up: Up Arrow key

Volume Down: Down Arrow key

5 Seconds Backward: Left Arrow key

5 Seconds Forward: Right Arrow key

Move to Starting Point: Backspace

AB Repeat Timing: [

AB Repeat On or Off: \

Audio Sync 0.05 Second Slower:                Shift + <

Audio Sync 0.05 Second Faster: Shift + >

Fullscreen: Enter

Skip Playback on or off: Shift + ‘

Audio Recording: Shift + G

Noise On or Off: Shift + D

Scene Explorer: Shift + S

Audio Filter On or Off: Shift + A

Voice Processing Filter On or Off: Shift + X

Crystallization On or Off: Shift + C

Voice Filter On or Off: Shift + V

Normalized On or Off: Shift + N

Mirror Image On or Off: Ctrl + Z

Skip Setup: ‘

Subtitle Sync 0.5 Second Slower:  <

Subtitle Sync 0.5 Second Faster: >

Subtitle Sync Default: /

Play or Pause: Spacebar

Image Properties Reset:  Q

Speed Faster: C

Speed Slower: X

Brightness Decrease 1%: W

Brightness Increased 1%: E

Contrast Decrease 1%: R

Contrast Increase 1%: T

Saturation Decrease 1%: Y

Saturation Increase 1%: U

Colour Decrease 1%: I

Colour Increase 1%: O

Add Bookmark: P

Audio Stream Option: A

PixelShader Option: S

Move the Previous Frame: D

Move Next Frame: F

Move into Position: G

View Bookmark: H

Video Aspect Ratio Option: J

Snapshot or capture Option: K

Select Subtitle: L

Resize Pixel Shader On or Off: Shift + P

Filter Control Condition: Ctrl + X

Copy Snapshot: Ctrl + C

Flip Input Picture On or Off: Ctrl + V

Blur On or Off: Ctrl + B

Denoise 3D On or Off: Ctrl + N

Temporary Denoise On or Off: Ctrl + M

Image Level Control On or Off: Ctrl + I

Turn to Camera Device: Ctrl + J

Remove Color Blocks On or Off: Ctrl + H

Play DVD: Ctrl + D

Continuos Image Capture: Ctrl + G

Filter Settings: Ctrl + F

Numeric Shortcuts:

Screen Size: 0,5                                                                 1

Screen Size: 1                                                                    2

Screen Size: 1.5xx                                                            3

Screen Size: 2x                                                                  4

Screen Size: Maximum                                                  5

Screen Size: Maximum Size or Current Size          6

Screen Size: Maximum Size                                         7

Audio                                                                                    8

Original Video Size                                                           9

Screen Size Editing                                                          0

What is PotPlayer subtitle sync shortcut?

If you are looking for guide to know the shortcuts of subtitle sync in PotPlayer, then you are in right-place for the solution. The below shortcuts are your answer.

<,            Subtitle sync 0,5 sec slower

>.            Subtitle sync 0,5 sec faster

/?            Subtitle sync : default

L              Select subtitle

How to PotPlayer change keyboard shortcuts?

To check and change keyboard shortcuts in PotPlayer, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Launch PotPlayer or Daum PotPlayer Software

Step 2: While you are in PotPlayer app, press ‘F5’ key on your keyboard to go to ‘Preferences’.  

Step 3: Under ‘General’ tab on right-pane, click ‘Keyboard’

Step 4: Scroll down and click ‘Add’ option. A window will be seen, Custom Key (Keyboard Shortcut)

Step 5: Click ‘+’ icon to enlage each menu to see keyboard shortcut or hotkey associated with it.

What is PotPlayer full screen shortcut?

If you want to run PotPlayer software in Full Screen using keyboard shortcuts key, then you can hit ‘Enter’ or ‘Alt + Enter’ key on keyboard while playing video in PotPlayer software in your Windows computer. or you can set PotPlayer to run in Full screen through settings.

Step 1: Open ‘PotPlayer’ software and press ‘F5’ key on keyboard to access ‘Preferences’ window

Step 2: Under ‘General’ tab , in ‘When Starting’ section, select ‘Screen Status’ dropdown, and select ‘Full Screen’ and save the changes, and it is done.

How to PotPlayer change audio language shortcut?

To change audio language in PotPlayer software using shortcut keys, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open PotPlayer app and press ‘F5’ key on keyboard to go to ‘Preferences’ settings

Step 2: Now, click ‘Audio > Language/Sync/Other’, and go to ‘Preferred Languages’ and write any language you desired.


Step: You can change audio language or dual audio in PotPlayer by using ‘ALT + A’ shortcut keys.

What is PotPlayer zoom shortcut?

It is possible to view videos files by zooming the video in PotPlayer software. By using ‘ALT + 2’ keys on keyboard as shortcut to zoom by 100% while press ‘AlT + 3’ keys to zoom it by 200%, and press ‘ALT + Enter’ key on keyboard to view video in full screen mode.

What is PotPlayer rotate shortcut?

If you are playing a video in PotPlayer app and you want to rotate or flip it, then you can follow below steps to do so.

Step 1: Open ‘PotPlayer’ app and click ‘PotPlayer’ menu and go to ‘Video > Video Effects’

Step 2: Rotate or flip your video according to your desire.


Step: You can also flip or rotate your video in PotPlayer app using shortcut key: Vertical (Ctrl +P), and Horizontal (Ctrl + Z).


I hope this post helped you to guide on What are the different PotPlayer shortcut keys to use and control PotPlayer in Windows PC. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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