[Solved] How to Fix Google Drive Mobile App Not Syncing Issue: Tips & Tricks

Google Drive not Syncing Android

This article will help you to fix Google Drive mobile app not syncing issue with several recommend methods. As we know that Google Drive is popular cloud computing services which is mostly used worldwide. It provides multi-platform support and 15GB of free storage which helps to those users whose Android phones has not enough space for storage. Google Drive cloud service allows the Android users to store up to 15GB and multi-platform support. Let’s take have a look at Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is one of most popular cloud computing service, file storage and synchronization service. It allows the users to stores files on their server, Synchronize files access devices and share files as well. It also offers apps with offline capability for Windows OS, MacOS, Android OS and iOS based devices. Additionally, Google drive offers users with 15GB of free storage as well as 100GB, 200GB, 2TB, 10TB, 20TB and 30TB storage options with paid plans.

Synchronize Problem: Google Drive not Syncing with My Phone

Now comes to sync issue, Users are complaining that they have uploaded files on Google Drive from Windows PCs and when they tried to see this uploaded files on their Android phone or iPhone, then they faced problem with Sync. Users noticed the message like “Google Drive mobile app not syncing” on their device. However, they are asking for solution on online forums. If you are one of them and facing same type of problem, then you are in right place. To fix this issue, you can follow the instruction given below.

Ways to Fix “Google Drive mobile app not syncing” Issue: Tips & Tricks

Procedure 1: Refresh Google Drive

If your Google Drive app is not sync on your mobile, then you can do one thing i.e., refresh the Google Drive app. At first, you need to go for Google drive and when it appears, then swipe down to refresh the app. You may also close the app and re-open it again, and please check if the problem is resolved.

Procedure 2: You can check for Internet Connection

At first, you should check your internet connection whether it is stable or not. If you are facing problem with your Wi-Fi, use your mobile data instead. If you have decide to use your mobile data for syncs, then you must check if the Google drive App’ setting allow syncing without Wi-Fi. To do this:

Step 1: Tap on 3-line menu on Drive screen and click on setting

Step 2: Make Sure Transfer Files only over Wi-Fi options is disabled.

Step 3: Check if Sync is enabled. Simply tap on menu Setting > Backup & reset.

Step 4: Options Backup My data should be turned on. Now, check if the trouble is resolved

Procedure 3: To fix Google Drive not syncing android issue, you can sign-out Google drive account and sign-in again

If you are using Drive on multiple-platform, this may lead to issue in syncing. In that case, you can try to sign-out from Drive from your PC, mobile, tablet. After that, you should try to sign-in again on your Android device and check if the problem is resolved.

Procedure 4: Update your Google Drive App

When you are using Google Drive app on your device, then it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date the app. In most of the cases, updates usually fix the bugs. So, you should immediately install the update. To do this:

Step 1: Open Play Store App

Step 2: Go for 3-line menu

Step 3: Then tap on My Apps and Games options

Step 4: scroll down to check if there is an update available for Google Drive. If yes, then update it.

Procedure 5: You can use Drive via web browser

In that case Google Drive mobile app not syncing, you can try it on the web browser installed in your device. At first, open Chrome browser or any other browser and sign-in with your Google email ID and password to proceed in order to fix Google Drive not sync on Android phone.

Procedure 6: To fix Google Drive not syncing android, you can re-install the Google Drive App

If Google Drive cloud computing service app is working properly on your device, then you should try to uninstall the app immediately. After that, you can install the Drive app again on your device from Play Store. Once re-installation process finished, you must check if the trouble is resolved.

Procedure 7: Clear App’s data

Step 1: At first, you need to tap on Setting App

Step 2: Now, tap on Apps options

Step 3: Navigate to Google Drive

Step 4: After that, tap to open App Info

Step 5: Now, tap storage

Step 6: Finally, tap on Clear Data option. Once process finished, you can check if the problem is resolved.


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