(Solved) iFunny Website Down, Showing “No Internet Connection” Error

Latest Update:

iFunny website is now up and working efficiently. Even its app is working well without any flaws.

Update from a few days background

iFunny website down or showing “No internet connection” is recently reported by a lot users worldwide. If you have been facing this issue while accessing iFunny app or website, then you are not only, but many people have reported this. Ifunny servers somehow facing problems and officials are working to fix the issues sooner.

As per reports, whenever the user try to access iFunny app or its official website, they are getting ‘no internet connection’ error and the source even remains inaccessible. Here’s a few tweets made by twitteraties worldwide.

Taking the situation in instant consideration, iFunny officials even tweeted back that they have fix the issue and its site or app is up. But, sadly after a few hours, their servers started to crop again. here’s the official tweets.

Till now, iFunny official seems aware of the problems going with their servers, but still they haven’t given any statement on this matter.

If you are one of iFunny user, then you must need to wait for iFunny website down issue get resolved. Be assured, we will update on this matters as soon as possible, once we get any comment or official tweet.