TikTok hit or miss trend: A new Social Media Hurricane

There is no doubt that social media platform is now today’s craze of youngster and other ages of users. There is lots of good stuff happens on these platforms while sometimes the kind of trends are born here which comes to light. One of them are TikTok hit or miss trend. TikTok app is become very popular application used by millions of users worldwide. It helps you to use songs or audio from any other videos as the track for your video. The clarity of video is depend on how cleverly you makeup or follow all moments of selected videos, as a results you can see interesting video.

Reports says, TikTok app has hundreds millions of users worldwide and its #hitormiss a new trends has become very popular. You can clearly see at volume of Google Searches about this term. Let’s take have a look at Google search term of this year:

Details about TikTok hit or miss trend

As you known that TikTok has hundred millions of users who are creating attractive videos and share to their contacts or in public. Now coming to TikTok #hitormiss trends, it is basically helps the TIkTok users to detect the presence of other TikTok users near them in this global world. It is also called TikTok Test “Hit or Miss” challenge. The challenge starts in such a way that trends followed by waiting for someone to respond “I guess they never miss, huh?” One of Twitter users “Reed Kavner” has explained the whole story about these new trends. Let’s take have a look at his thought about the trends: