Zepeto Tracking Users Information: Rumors Leading to App Uninstall

epeto, a popular character creating (emoji) app available for Android and iOS is in the news for wrong reasons. This app has been developed by Snow Corporation and be download from Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. With this app, user can create character from any real picture. It allows you to create and make emoji of yourself and use it in the chatrooms.

Recently, many users of Zepeto are uninstalling it from their devices saying that it records users information and tracks activities. The userbase of Zepeto is primarily in Asia but it is gaining popularity in US as well. But after this incident, it will certainly face huge dip in its user base.

Some reactions by people on Zepeto users tracking activities.

The users’ claimed that the device makes an unusual buzzing sound when zepeto was “ON”. On the other hand, there is not much concrete evidence that this app is really tracking users’ activities or is recording anything illegally. Possibly, it is a rumour spread through “group chat” and quickly became sensational news over Internet

Does Zepeto Asks for Personal Data

When you first download and access the app, it doesn’t asks for your location so it doesn’t have your geographical location. Until now, Snow Corporation (Zepeto owner) hasn’t released any official statements regarding this rumor.

We have seen similar rumors in the past as well. In Zepeto case, you should be relaxed to use it as it doesn’t have your personal information. There is no concrete evidence proving the claims of data theft to be correct.So, don’t get panic and delete Zepeto if you like using this app.