What does Icons mean on Discord? [Explained]

Discord: What does Symbols and Icons means?

In this post, we are going to discuss on What does Icons mean on Discord and explained about some symbols and icons in details. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘What does Symbols and Icons mean on Discord?’

‘Discord’: Discord is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Instant Messaging platform. Discord offers you with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called ‘Servers’. A server is collection of persistent chat rooms and voice channels which can be accessed via Invite Links. It is available for Microsoft Windows OS, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and in web browsers.

If you are Discord user, then you may notice icons and symbols on Discord Client app’s screen. All icons and symbols on Discord have a different meanings and purposes. If you are not aware, Discord Client app has variety of different features and options that comes with its own icon to help distinguish it. With Discord’s icons, it will be very easy to understand actually what is the use of icons and symbols appeared on Discord app.

For example, Plus Icon (+) icon on server bar is designed to help you to create your own server on Discord while Compass Icon on Discord will open Discover page where you can find the servers that you want to join. Here, you are provided with list of discord symbols and icons which you can use to access several different features and options to improve your Discord experience. Let’s go for the details about some Discord’s symbols and icons.

List of Discord Icons and Symbols: What does icons and Symbols mean?

1: Discord Server Bar:

When you open Discord Client app in your device, you may experience ‘Server bar’ on left-pane on both desktop and mobile app. You can find all the servers that you join on this bar. It includes some server relating features and options as icons and symbols.

Plus Icon: Plus Icon (+) on Discord Server bar offers you to create your own server on Discord. When you click this icon, you are allowed to create your server by selecting the genre of server and providing the server with name. Once done, you can create different channels on server and invite peoples.

Compass Icon: This icon can be used to open Discover page where you can find the servers that you want to join. Once you click this icon, you can search any known server according to its name or search servers from provided categories including gaming, music, education, entertainment, etc. Once you have successfully find the server, click it to check it out and click ‘Join Server’ button in top bar to join it.

Download Icon: This icon will be available on Discord web version only. Download Icon on Discord offers you to download Discord app instead of using Discord app in browser. So, if you are using Discord in browser and want to use it as Discord app in computer, you can click Download Icon for this.

2: Discord Home Page:

After server bar, you may see Home page of Discord app where you can find personal direct messages from your friends. You can get two options right at top called Friends and Nitro. Click on Friends to check out the list of your friends or add new ones. On other hand, Nitro option can be used to buy and it will only improve your Discord experience.

Plus icon next to ‘Direct Messages’ option: The plus icon (+) next to Direct Messages (DM) on Discord will open a small popup with a list of your Discord friends. Select the contact from the list to start messaging them. You can select multiple contacts and click ‘Create group DM’ to start a group conversation.

‘Cross Icon’: This icon appears when you hover over any DM on the list. You can click it to remove the chat from DM list. This will not delete entire chat, it just hides from DM list. You can add it back by clicking ‘Plus’ icon and select the contact.

‘Status Dots’ on Avatars: Status Dots icon on Avatars indicates the online status of that person. You can find different colored dots on top of avatars or AKA profile pics in which the green dot means the user is online while yellow moon color icon means user is idle, and Red color icon means Do Not Disturb. Purple colored icon menas user is streaming and Grey color means user is offline.

3: UserName bar:

At bottom corner of Discord Client, you can find Username Bar where you can find your avatar and username, and along with few icons on that bar too.

Green Dot’: Green Dot on Avatar shows that you are online. You change it to idle, do not disturb, or even invincible.

Microphone icon: Microphone icon is when it shows it is enabled, users can start listening to your voice right aware. You can just click on it to disable it which means you need to enable it manually even after joining the voice channel.

Headphone icon: Headphone icon is designed to block any sound on Discord whether it is from voice or video call, voice channel, music or even when playing YouTube on Discord. If this icon is disabled, the microphone/Mic will also be disabled. So other users can’t hear you either.

Cog Icon: Cog icon on Discord will open User Settings where you can configure everything from avatar to notifications, nitro to payment methods, connected apps to privacy settings, etc. This icon allows you to apply various different settings and changes to discord even you can log out, disable the account or even delete the account permanently.

4: Server Page:

When you open any server from server bar on left, you may see Server Page.

Arrow Icon next to Sever name: Arrow icon next to server name provides a list of server features that you can access quickly an each option has its own icon with a name besides it. Server Boost with the Diamond icon will improve server which improves server features including custom emojis, server settings will open settings, etc.

Volume Icon: When you seen Volume icon in channel name, it indicates the channel is voice channel and you can use it to talk with others.

Hashtag Icon: When you see Hashtag icon in channel name. it denotes the channel is text channel where you can send messages, commands, images, gifs, other types of files, etc.

Phone with Cross icon: Phone with cross icon can be find in left pane when you are in any voice channel. When you click this icon, you can get out of voice channel or cut the voice or video call in DM.

Announcement Icon: It is an announcement channel. It can be used by admins and moderators to announce anything to the members of server.

Person icon: When you see Person icon with circles around him, it indicates it is stage channel. Stage channels are voice channels but only a few people have permission to talk here like Twitter spaces.

Plus Icon Next to ‘Server’ category: It means to create a new channel in that specific category. It can be either text, voice, announcement, or stage channel.

Person with Plus icon beside channel name: When you hover over any channel, you can find two options including person with plus icon offers to invite people to server, and directly to that channel.

Cog icon beside the Channel name: When you hover over to Channel name, you can see second icon like Cog icon. This will open the channel settings where you configure everything from permissions to integrations. This option is available for admin or moderator of server.

5: Message Box:

Plus Icon in Message Box: Plus icon in Message Box offers you can upload any file, create a new threat or use slash commands. Threads are nothing but a subchannel under the main channel you are on right now. If you are not aware, Slash commands offers you to perform various tasks on Discord like controlling bots and using a few in-built features like using emoticons.

Gift icon: This icon appears in right-pane of message box that can be used to gift nitro to any player on that channel.

GIF icon: This icon is appeared with word GIF that is collection of cool gifs that can be used during chat. It is powered by Tenor and you can search gifs based on awkward, angry, oops, etc category wise.

Sticker icon: Sticker icon also called folded paper icon on Discord can be used to add stickers just like GIFs. Each server can have its own custom stickers so you can use on that specific server.

Emojis: Emjis or Smiley Face icon is now very popular worldwide and is used by various popular social media platform. Each server on Discord have custom emojis just like stickers and you can add emjis according to server specific.

6: Hovering on Message

When you hover to a message, you can find few options.

Emojis with Plus icon: When you click this icon, you can use to react to any message with emojis

Back Arrow icon: This icon will help you to send a reply message tagging the original sender. It will automatically ping the author.

Pencil icon: This icon next to message offers you to edit messages many times and whenever you need.

Hashtag with Comment icon: This icon helps start a thread from a message you have selected. Thread is subchannel under channel that you are currently using. So, you can discuss a new topic in thread without disturbing other people on channel.

Three-Dot menu: When click Three-Dot menu, it will reveal other options like pin a message, mark it as unread and etc.

7: Header bar on Messages:

Hashtag with Comment icon: When you click this icon, you can start a new thread or create a thread under the message you have selected.

Bell icon: This will open notification settings. If a channel is busy and you don’t want to be constantly notified of messages on that channel, you can use this option. You can choose this option to get notified for only mentioned or even choose to not get notified at all.

Pin icon: This icon offers you can see all pined message on the channel.

People icon: This icon will open a sidebar that shows all the admins, moderators, and other members along with bots.

Inbox icon: This icon helps you to check all unread messages from all channels and servers that you are following.

Phone icon: When you are in DM, you can find Phone icon offers you can call the person whom you are messing.

Camera icon: This icon will appear on DM chat only and offers you can start video call.

8: Search Box

Search Bar you can find in header on both channel and DM of pages.

Clear Icon: You can use this icon to clear previous searches you have made on that server

Plus Icon next to Searches: Plus icon next to searches will insert the previous gallery in search bar so that you can edit it and search again.

9: Discord Badges

At last, there are Discord Badges appears under usernames. Some popular badges are Hypersquad, Nitro, Server Booster, Bug Hunter, etc.


I hope this post helped you on What does Icons mean on Discord and helps you to understand about almost all icons & symbols on Discord so you can use Discord app/web app in your device effectively. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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