YouTube Watch Later Button/Icon Missing Issue: Company Working Toward Resolving

Before start the discussion on YouTube Watch later button/icon missing issue, it is important to talk about YouTube Video Playback issue which is closely related to Microsoft gaming console Xbox One X. According to report, Xbox One X users are facing this while they trying to watch 4K video content on through youTube App, the videos tends to freeze and throw a distorted grey screen with pink or greenish lines. Due to this issue, many users have reported on various online platform that, why YouTube behaves like that? Has the video affected? Let’s take have a look at some users report.

Been watching youtube and video just glitches (shows a distorted still of the video) for a minute before going back to normal. On Vudu, a solid green screen took the place of the movie i was supposed to be watching. Both 4k and HD video is affected. My device is an Xbox One X.

My xbox was working perfectly fine a few days go. On the 19th (a day after the most recent update) is when the issues started.

This last week the Youtube app has started freezing for a couple seconds with either green lines, pink screen, or a silhouette of whats on the screen. This doesnt do this with anything else on the TV or Xbox.

Since then, Microsoft Company has acknowledged “YouTube Video Playback issue” and promised that the company is aware of the problem and Xbox engineers will team up with YouTube app developers to solve this issue very soon. Sadly, the company didn’t provide any ETA as to how much time will take the company to resolve the issue. Since, couple of weeks has gone, but still Xbox One X users are facing the same issue. Let’s take have a look at Microsoft Moderator statement about issue.

We have been seeing reports come in through the forums and other support platforms about this issue and it has been acknowledged. Xbox engineers will need to work together with YouTube app developers to find the root cause and either implement an update for the YouTube app from the developer or have a fix be implemented in the next console system update.

YouTube Watch Later Button/Icon Missing Issue

No doubt all the users worldwide who are using YouTube website or App have a huge knowledge to watch the videos, upload new videos to channel, save the video for viewing later on and more tasks on YouTube. When we talk about YouTube Watch Later Button/icon (clock icon), it allows the YouTube users to save the videos for viewing later on. Now comes to latest report, YouTube users are currently facing YouTube Watch later problem means clock icon now working. So, users have already reported about the issue on official YouTube Help Forum and online discussion platforms. Let’ take have a look at some report.

I am trying to save a video in my feed to watch later but the ‘button’ is not there. I have done this many times before with no problem. This problem has only occurred today. I have logged out and back. Cleared some videos from my saved list, nothing works

I logged into my subscriptions page today and found that when hovering over a video thumbnail in the list, there’s no longer an icon that has the clock and says ‘watch later’ when I hover over it.

NOW I have to click on the three dots, THEN click ‘watch later’ what a pain!

Is there any reason this is happening, and will it be a staying change, please god no. It’s inconvenient and absolutely stupid to make such a change.

Google Company has acknowledged the YouTube Watch later button/icon missing issue

It is good to see that Google is working to resolve this issue. Report says, one of the Google’s employee has acknowledged the “YouTube Watch later problem” and said their team are working toward resolving. Apart from that, the company has also suggested the YouTube users that they can add a video to the watch later playlist by clicking on three dot menu available next to the video title until the company fixes whatever’s causes the problem.

YouTube actively addressing the user’s quires through all possible official channels and promises to resolve the issue soon

Interestingly, YouTube has already acknowledged the YouTube Watch later button/icon missing issue and know the users’ current problems. YouTube is actively addressing users’ queries via all the possible official platforms and promised users to resolve the issue very soon. Let’s take have a look at YouTube’s statement about the issue.

You may have experienced some issues recently when saving changes to your custom shelf and playlist on your Official Artist Channel. Though this issue is now resolved, any changes made between April 29th and April 30th may not have saved. This means you might need to update your custom shelf and/or playlist again. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your SPM or Artist Support.

At the moment, YouTube Watch later problem are not solved. We are keeping in touch with this matter and we will defiantly post an update, if it will come in future. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box given below.