How to send music on Instagram DM [Guide ]2022

In this guide we discuss about Instagram.  Instagram (IG) , need to introduction but we want to highlight some interesting facts about Instagram which might you don’t know. So let’s discover what are the amazing facts about IG. About 80% of Instagram accounts are for personal use. Instagram is more used by women in comparison […]

What are Difference between Bluestacks 5 and 10 [Easy Guide]

In this article, we are going to discuss on Bluestacks 5 Vs 10 (X) comparison so that you can easily differentiate them. You are guided here with some criteria to investigate which Bluestacks version is better. By the way, you can check Thoughtsoncloud, if you want to read additional information about software and development. Let’s starts the discussion. […]

System Fan 90b Error HP Solution

This guide will outline various methods to fix the System fan 90b Error. As per the reports several HP users have shared that they are struggling with their HP loud fan noise and this irritating noise end up with error code 90b. Some of the users have also claimed that they get stuck with the error code […]

How to fix sims 4 not loading issue xbox, xbox one, ps4, ps5 and Mac?

IMS 4 users using the game in different platforms such as on Windows, Xbox, Xbox one, PS4, PS5 and Mac are currently facing loading issue. There are many reasons possible why you are dealing with this issue. Some possible culprits are damaged installation, faulty cache issues, problematic third-party applications, antivirus/ firewall causing interference and the […]

WRC+ All Live not working issue back-to-back experienced by subscribers

WRC+ All Live Issue: Users reporting service has gone down and showing error notification According to report, many of WRC’s users/subscribers are complaining that WRC+ All Live down and throwing the error nonfiction while trying to logging-in. We have seen that the service went down few hours back due to some technical issue and affected users took to different […]