Best 15 App that turns Picture into Cartoon [Android and iOS]

In this post, we are going to discuss on Best 15 App that turns Picture into Cartoon for Android and iOS devices and you can choose any app from the list to cartoon yourself. Let’s starts the discussion.

Some mobile apps offer you to filter your photos or selfie to make them impressive look while some apps allows you to add some effects like emojis, text, pictures, frames and other objects on your photos to make the picture that you want. On other hand, some mobile apps offer you can make yourself or your photos to cartoon.

It is possible to turn your picture into cartoon with Third-Party App. Like other picture your have taken and share them on social media to increase your followers, you can use these apps to cartoon yourself and increase the number likes on your posts on all major social media platform.

Some apps like FilmoraPro, ToonCamera, Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker, Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon, Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit and other similar apps you can use to cartoon yourself. These apps offer you can easily cartoon a photo or a video with just few clicks. So if you are looking on the web for ‘best cartoon apps: App that turns Photos into Cartoons’ on the web, then you are in right place. Let’s take a look at list of apps.

Best iPhone App that turns Picture into Cartoon

1: ‘ToonCamera’: Recording videos and turning pictures into cartoons

ToonCamera is one of the best iPhone App that turns Photos into Cartoons. This app offers a diverse range of cartoons, stipple, ink and pencil effects. You are allowed to see the real-time preview of all effects you selected which could help you to check your looks before you capture them.

You are allowed to fine-tuned your picture and archive the maximum visual effect for the free. This iPhone app to cartoon yourself offers you to save your cartoon images, create cartoons of stored image, and share your cartoons on all popular social media platforms.

Pros: ToonCamera feature speedy customer support to resolve any problem with the product. This iPhone app comes with various and high-quality filters to use with customization.

Cons: This app is not available for iOS version before 8.1

Price: $1.99

2: ‘Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon’: App that turns Picture into Cartoon

You can use ‘Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon’ App on iPhone to cartoon yourself. You are allowed to take selfi with your cartoon looking photos. You can add or customize your effects to make best cartoon picture.

This app offers effect like pastel, cartoon, or hatching and allows you to achieve high artistic standards. Effect can be fine-tuned and you can adjust the opacity settings or Edge strength to highlight certain parts of the photo.

You are also allowed to adjust image settings like contrast, brightness and saturation to enhance the colors in your cartoons. However, you are allowed to share your cartoon images on popular social media platform or send them to your friend via email.

Pros: You are allowed to save cartoon images to your photo gallery directly. This app offers different video effects including cartoon.

Cons: Some users reported that they couldn’t import photos from camera roll.

Price: $1.99

3: ‘Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker’: Support High Quality up to 1080p

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker App in your iPhone offers you can use your phone’s camera or existing photos and videos to cartoon yourself.  Its Live Preview feature allows you to see the photos and videos look like before save.

This app offers 8 comics, toon and sketch art filters and you can easily turn your pictures you created into the cartoons even after you have taken a photo or recorded a video. It features deformation tools allows you to create caricatures while app’s photo editing tools offers you to crop your photos or enhance colors.

Pros: This app supports high quality up to 1080p when exporting and you are allowed to choose different cartoons effects like poster, sketch and more.

Cons: Its subscription model causes some discontent for users

Price: Available for free

4: ‘Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit’: Turn photos into beautiful and funny cartoons

Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit App offers you to turn your photos into beautiful and funny cartoons within a second. You are allowed to cartoon yourself by choosing photos from your photo gallery or launch camera to take selfi and create cartoon photos.

This app offers you to add various effects, add text and stickers to your cartoons. It also offers you to adjust brightness, contrast or saturation in all your photos to make beautiful and funny images. This way, you can make high quality cartoon images. However, you can save the created cartoon images and share them on popular social media platform.

Pros: You are allowed to take a picture from the app camera without using other devices. You can share your cartoon images via email.

Cons: You are not allowed to stretch images if you want to have more photo details.

Price: Free    

5: ‘Moments Cartoon Caricature’: App that turns Photos into Cartoons

Moments Cartoon Caricature app in iPhone offers you to participate in selfi contests or simply enjoy the amazing caricature tools allow you to turn an ordinary moment into a hilarious picture. This application offers you can access the phone’s front and back cameras and take as many pictures as you want.

This iPhone app feature ‘Photo editing’ offers you can select editing tools to turn your photos into cartoons in any way you want. However, you can save your cartoon images in your photo gallery and share them on social media platform.

6: ‘Cartoon Yourself video Effects’: App that turns Picture into Cartoon

With Cartoon Face Animation Creator App, you can access to broad spectrum of emotions, so you can be really sad or even flirty in our new cartoon photo. You can just select a picture or take a new one directly from the app and become a Martian, a troll, or simply add a nice smile to your face. However, you can share these created cartoon images on social media like Twitter, Instagram or other platforms.

Pros: This app supports various face expression even tiny one and you can turn your face to an alien and others

Cons: Some users reported the effects are not working sometimes

Price: Free

7: ‘Cartoon Camera Free’: Easy way to Cartoon yourself

Cartoon Camera Free iPhone app offers you to add cartoon and pencil sketch effects to your photos. You are allowed to create cartoon images stored on your phone or you can take your new picture and then turn them into cartoons.

This app features various editing tool to make brilliant cartoons. Once done, all cartoons photo can be saved and shared on social media platform. However, it has limited control over how the final version of your cartoon photo is going to look like.

Pros: It offers you can cartoon yourself on your iPhone easily. It offers you real-time cartoon effect.

Cons: This app is updated regularly so you can’t use the up-to-date effects.

 8: ‘Cartoon Sketch Camera Pro’: App that turns Photos into Cartoons

Cartoon Sketch Camera Pro is another one of best app that turns photos into cartoon offers you can add effects like sketch, cartoon, Halftone, Swirl, Pixellate, Emboss, Crosshatch or Dots effects to make brilliant cartoons. It has limited amount of cartoons effects compared to other apps in this list and has lack of photo editing options, makes cartoon sketch camera a rather unattractive option.

This app offers you to cartoon yourself but you won’t be able to do much more because it has lack of photo editing tools. It shows various ads on its platform and asks you to pay $1.99 to remove them. Like other apps in the list, this app also offers you can share your cartoon images on social media platforms.

Pros: Its Pro version includes 8 different filters and effects, and offers you to save a photo to your cartoon library.

Cons: Some users reported that bugs may happen when importing a photo.

Price: Free

9: ‘Artisto’: Video and Photo Editor with Art Filters

Artisto is another one of the best iPhone App that turns your pictures into cartoons. This app offers you can cartoon yourself with just three steps. You can use app to snap a photo or record a video, select the filter you would like to use and save the results.

Artisto Pro or Plus versions offers you can add more effects to your photos or adjust images with more advanced functionality. With its pro version, you are allowed to turn your photos into funny and attractive cartoons.

Best Android App that turns Picture into Cartoon

10: ‘Cartoon Yourself’: Great tool to turn a photo into cartoon

Cartoon Yourself is android app offers you to turn a photo into cartoon effortlessly on your Android Phones. It doesn’t offer you to record a video or take photos. You need to cartoon your saved photos in your photo gallery.

This app allows you to create cartoon photos with just few steps. To do so, you need to just tap on ‘Add a Photo’ button to choose a picture from your gallery, and then tap ‘Apply Effect’ button and start adding effects to make brilliant cartoons. Once done, you can save the cartooned image to your phone and/or share them with your friends on social media platforms.

Pros: A basic and simple to use photo to cartoon app for beginners and contain various cartoon effects

Cons: Free filters and effects are limited

Price: Free

11: ‘MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers’

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers is Android App offers a wide range of cartoons and emoticons. MomentCam is also a community that award prizes to its most creative members. It is easy-to-use and user-friendly interface allows you to select your photos from your photo gallery, pick a background that best fits the context of the picture.

This app offers you can add glasses, pick hairstyles or beards, and choose from many more visual elements to make your cartoon impressive. However, there will be watermarked of this app on all cartoon images you created with this free version of app. To remove this watermark, you need to purchase its pro or licensed version.

Pros: You are allowed to add effects to your photos to make impressive cartoons. You can share your cartoon images to MomentCam community and win prize.

Cons: Some users reported that some errors may happen like loading issue even if they are connected with WiFi.

Price: Free

12: ‘Painnt’ – Art & Cartoon Filters

Painnt is another one of the best App that turns Picture into Cartoon available for Android OS device. This app offers you can manipulate your photos in virtually any way you want and adjust your images settings like transparency, saturation or brightness for all your images.

Painnt App has a community where you can discover the artwork you like and meet like-minded people. Its free version has limited editing tools and effects and to get advanced features, you have to purchase or choose subscription models.

Pros: Regularly updated version to support more filters and effects. You can customize cartoon filters settings with different parameters.

Cons: Some users reported that bugs may happen on desktop version even if you are paid

Price: Free

13: ‘Cartoon Photo Editor’

Cartoon Photo Editor App is available for Android OS on Google Play Store. This app offers you can select your photos from photo gallery and turn them into inspiring cartoons. It also offers you can take photo or video from you camera to make cartoon images.

All effects can be previewed in real-time so you can see your cartoon images before you snap a selfie or record a video. It features Auto-Focus offers you can keep the main object of your videos and photos crispy sharp. It also offers thermal vision, crosshatch or cartoon are just a few among many filters you can choose to make impressive cartoons. However, it shows ads on its platform which can irritate you.

14: ‘Prisma Photo Editor’

Prisma is one of the most popular cartoons app offers some pretty cool art filters, which you can make your photo look like you are painted by some of the greatest artist in the history. This app releases new filters everyday so you can never run out of ideas for your next cartoon photo. It offers you can save your created cartoon images in SD and HD quality.

Pros: This app releases new filters everyday and you can find more than 300 filters to make brilliant cartoons.

Cons: You can only allowed cartoon on the photo each time

Price: Free

15: ‘Cartoon Pictures’ – Cartoon Photo Editor for Android

Cartoon Pictures is Android App offers you to make cartooned images. You are allowed to create cartoon images with just few steps. To do so, you can select your photos from gallery, add filters and effects to images to make brilliant cartoons and then save the cartoons in your phone or share them on social media platform.

This app also offers you to take selfie and make the cartoon photos in real-time.  It only takes few seconds to let the cartoon effects to effect. Once done, you can share cartooned photos on social media platforms to others.

Pros: You are allowed to take selfie and select saved photos to make cartoon photo. It features Cartoon Animation Filters to make your cartoon image impressive

Cons: This app shows lots of ads

Price: Free


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