About Google Classroom (A Boon in Online Learning)

Google Classroom is a great initiative to eradicate paper in classes and to make learning digital. It’s a set of online tools. These tools are used to set projects, collect the work submitted by the students, evaluation of the assignments and to return the graded papers to the student.

In the beginning it was designated for laptops in schools, such as Chromebooks to allow the teachers & students to share the information and assignments for students. And one of the best part of this platform is it is free to use. Google Classroom is designed in such a way so that it can manage student and teacher communication properly. This wonderful application can be accessed on Android, iPhone and on Laptops and one of the reasons of the popularity of this app is its availability on various platforms. Also, this application is useful for writing term papers and theses. Even if something happens to your laptop or you forget it somewhere, your document will be saved in the cloud and you will be able to open and download it from any device. Such an application is often used by term paper writing services like https://thesisrush.com/custom-research-paper.shtml. This platform allows not only not to worry about the security of documents, but editing online by multiple people.

Such platforms are not only eliminating papers from the class but also a time saving you can attain important lectures anywhere all you need is a device and a stable internet connection.

But the fact is, the ambience that we get in the classroom can never be created on any online platforms. However, it Google classroom does offers so many features for  teachers as well as students that tries to give a real classroom like environment.  The basic way to give a feel of offline classroom is to change background settings, themes and so on. . Changing the theme and background can be done to engage the students and it makes the content more interesting and organized. Well if too want to change/add background, keep scrolling the blog till the end.