Cast Videos Like Pro with Apps Like EZMira

Have you ever wanted to effortlessly share videos on a bigger screen? Look no further than the EZMira app. It’s the official support for MiraScreen and AnyCast WiFi display receivers, offering easy one-click mirroring. With features like quick WiFi setup via QRCode or Bluetooth and seamless browsing on the big screen, it’s a game-changer. Download Ezmira on PC to experience the convenience of casting videos from popular sites like YouTube to your HDTV. The immersive experience on PC is unmatched as compared to mobile screens or tablets, so do give it a try!

However, you can enjoy multitasking on your phone while the video plays on the big screen. That said, let us now have a look at some of the popular apps like EzMira which you can use on your devices.


Curious about MiraPlug? It’s a nifty app, pairing seamlessly with MiraPlug’s wire display solutions. Enjoy plug-and-play mirroring, synced audio, and zero-latency mobile screen mirroring for gaming thrills. Plus, MiraPlug ensures hassle-free OTA firmware updates. By the way, if you’re keen on enhancing your PC experience, don’t forget to download the app on bigger screens. Happy mirroring!


The EZCast Home app on makes every aspect of casting a breeze! It supports various casting protocols like GoogleCast and iOS Screen Mirroring. Simply plug in the EZCast transmitter, and in seconds, enjoy mirroring your content hassle-free. Download EZCast for your smart TV and experience seamless screen sharing across different OS devices. It’s easy, quick, and watermark-free once the transmitter is casted.

EZCast Screen

Ever wondered how to effortlessly share your device’s screen on your smart TV or projector? The EZCast Screen app, is the solution! Download the EZCast Home App, supporting various casting protocols like GoogleCast and iOS Screen Mirroring. Plug in the EZCast transmitter for instant screen mirroring across multiple OS devices—iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Enjoy seamless sharing with a quick plug-and-play setup, making screen casting as easy as pie. It hardly takes you a few seconds to start the entire process, so what keeps you waiting?


Meet CapView – a user-friendly video capture app for gamers, educators, and content creators. Simply connect a capture card, and voila! Your device transforms into a handy display. With real-time capture, adjust resolution, frame rate, zoom, and mirror for diverse visuals. Ideal for gaming, teaching, or capturing moments.


Enter EZMira – a simple, user-friendly app for casting your phone to smart TVs or streaming devices. With EZMira, wirelessly mirror your device, stream videos, play games, or showcase presentations on a larger screen. No complex setups – just connect and cast! Explore the convenience of sharing your content seamlessly right at your fingertips! EZMira is your go-to solution for hassle-free screen casting. Download now and enjoy the simplicity of wireless sharing. And if you feel EZMira is not your go-to option, there are a plethora of options already listed above, just pick one of them to get started!