Maximizing Your iPhone’s Potential: Lesser-Known Features

Whether you’re a newcomer to iOS or an experienced iPhone user, there’s always a wealth of hidden settings waiting to be discovered. These settings have the power to transform how you utilize your Apple device. Within your device settings, a plethora of customization options await. Some may be familiar to you, while others may surprise […]

How to block no caller id on iPhone?

Are you regularly getting irritated by the unknown callers which usually turn out to be a spammer, telemarketer and so on? Are you wondering how to block no caller id on iPhone? Unknown calls on iPhone are labeled as Private or Anonymous and it is possible to block these unknown callers. In USA, the “Federal […]

How to turn on iPhone Front speaker

Introduction: Imagine you’re on a video call with a loved one, or you’re trying to listen to your favorite music, but you can’t hear anything because your iPhone’s front speaker is turned off. Frustrating, right? The front speaker of your iPhone plays a crucial role in delivering sound for calls, videos, and more. In this […]

How to Turn Off Vibration on iPhone iOS 16 for WhatsApp Messages and Notifications

Introduction: Picture this scenario: You’re in an important meeting, and suddenly, your iPhone starts vibrating relentlessly, drawing the attention of everyone around you. Embarrassing, right? We’ve all been there, and it’s moments like these that make us appreciate the ability to customize our iPhone’s notification settings. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process […]

What Does Setting Interrogation Succeeded Mean on iPhone?

Just like other brands, iPhones also has several secret codes that you can input in your phones dialer and access concealed options. These are commonly known as “Integration Codes” and can be used to get more detail information that you cannot see normally such as cellular strength signal or enabling call barring to restrict outgoing […]

Renowned iOS Apps Record Phone Screen: Techsmagic Report

pple’s iOS platform is widely renowned for providing its users with secure environment, however it seems it’s not going good days for it too. According to recent analysis by The App Analyst, experts have discovered some renowned iOS apps record phone screen. As per their analyzed reports, many of major entities like Hollister, Expedia, Air Canada, Fitch […]

How to Turn on Phone without Power button iPhone [Solution]

If ‘Power’ button on your iPhone is not functioning properly and you are facing trouble when you attempt to restart or turn ON your iPhone with ‘Power’ button, then you are in right place for the solution. Here, you will be guided with easy steps/methods on ‘How to Turn on Phone without Power button iPhone’ […]

How to take scrolling/long screenshot on iOS and iOS 15 (Easy Steps)

In this tutorial we will guide you on How to take scrolling screenshot on iOS & How to take long screenshot on iOS 15. So keep reading the blog till the end. Screenshot is one of the prominent feature in smaprtphone and are regularly used on multiple occasion. Taking screenshots is quite easy on iOS […]

10 best free iPhone apps of 2018

fter buying an iPhone, people often go to Apple’s App Store to find best apps for their devices. Well, the Apple’s store has millions of free and paid apps that can be difficult for users to choose the most useful among them. Moreover, you would certainly not want to spend money if you can get […]