Which iPhone models are vulnerable to Pegasus Spyware?

You all know Pegasus Spyware. It is a spyware recently designed by an Israel based company to monitor people and government use it. There are reports around that the spyware is taking control over iPhones.   This is true. The virus is running rampant over iPhones. The obvious question arise here is that which IPhones are […]

Are iPhones major target for Pegasus than Androids?

Have you heard about Pegasus Spyware? This Spyware is created by Israel-based NSO Group Technologies to monitor people remotely and for government use. The spyware is targeting some VIPs like politicians and journalists. Researchers found that despite the Apple beating around the bush with “Privacy. That’s iPhone” billboards and digital ads, they have no match […]

How to Fix VirtualBox is not working on Windows 10 [Solution]

What is ‘VirtualBox is not working’ issue on Windows 10? If you are facing ‘VirtualBox is not working on Windows 10’ issue while trying to open ‘VirtualBox’ in your Windows 10 computer, then you are in right place for the solution. Here, you will be guided with easy steps/methods to resolve the issue. Let’s starts […]

Download Windows 10 21H2 insider preview

Get Windows 10 21H2 Update Preview Right Now

Although, the Windows 11 Preview is released recently and many users are getting hands on its new features, still the Microsoft has not abandoned its old ship. The company actually started to push Build 19044.1147 for Windows 10 21H2 feature update, that is expected to release later this year. According to Microsoft’s announcement earlier, it […]

How much to pay for basic plan for Windows 365 subscription?

Earlier this week, Microsoft released their newest virtualization service in the form of Windows 365, allowing users to run Windows on Cloud.  The company said, this release will help users in managing their Windows systems in less time. However, it didn’t reveal its subscription price that time. Now, as the news surround, Microsoft revealed about […]

Developers demonstrate running Windows 11 on Smartphones

Windows 11 on Smartphones; is there any future?  Recently, hackers and developers have managed to run Windows 11 on mobile phones like OnePlus 6T, Xiaomi Mi 8, and Microsoft’s own Lumix 950 XL. It is surprising as Windows is OS made for desktop, laptop and tablets and its using on phones must cause various software […]

Microsoft announces Windows 11 Insider Build 22000.65; check added features

First Cumulative update of Windows 11 we have in the Windows Insider Dev channel. Microsoft announced about this in a blog post. The new update brings quality life improvement to the operating system. It is still exclusive in Insider Dev channel as so we do not recommend you to use it as a daily driver. […]

New edition Linux Mint 20.2 Uma; check added features, apps and improvements

Ubuntu based Linux distro Mint’s newest version is out now. The latest Linux Mint 20.2 Uma comes with addition of various new features, user-interface improvements and bug fixes.  This release is a LTS release that will be supported until 2025. Major chances are bought in its update manager section. Also, various new features like bulk […]