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How to Fix file system error (-1073740791) on Windows

File system error (-1073740791) is one of the many errors codes associated with File System malfunctioning or System Files access conflicts and file corruption. Primarily, this kind error doesn’t allows you to execute your tasks with administrative privilege. While executing any task with administrative access, the error message appears on the screen and the running […]

How to Fix File System Error (-1073741795) on Windows 10

About File System Error (-1073741795) File System Error generally occurs when you try to execute any tasks that requires administrator privilege and for some reasons, your admin power is not working probably because PC fails to recognize your admin credentials. You may get restricted to execute any cmd or any tasks that requires an admin […]

How to fix standard hardware security not supported in Windows 10/11

standard hardware security not supported errors notifies about the failure of your Windows device to enable Windows hardware security features. If your Windows 10/11 pc fails to meet all the requirements, it triggers this kind of error message. Due to this, you won’t be able to enable some important security features of your PC. There […]

How to fix Werfault.exe high CPU Usage [Solved]

Here in this blog we are going to discuss about Werfault.exe high CPU Usage. Windows Error Reporting (Werfault.exe) is a built-in Windows Services that automatically gathers and sends error reports to Microsoft. This service’s are quite mandatory as its aim is to help Microsoft in enhancing its products and providing better support to Windows users. […]

How to fix Windows Explorer restarts when opening folder

Windows Explorer is the default file manager in Windows. The explorer.exe process is responsible for generating part of the user interface-Start Menu, Desktop icons and more. But sometimes this built-in file manager fails to work as intended as so many users have claimed Windows Explorer restarts when opening folder. If you are too facing the […]

How to fix Save as Window keeps popping up in Outlook

The “Save As” window is one of the most used features in MS Office and Microsoft 365 applications that allows users have to save their files to a specific location with a unique name. But sometimes users unexpectedly get pop-ups which can be quite annoying as it interrupts the users. If you are too one […]

How to fix The Computer is not Setup to Send Invitation Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is a Windows built-in feature that allows one to get assistance offer technical help from a distance. The one sitting in front of the host PC can see what’s happening on her or his PC. But the users may meet with all kinds of issues when using the feature such as The Computer […]

How to fix Cyberpunk mods not working after update

Are you facing Cyberpunk mods not working after update? Don’t panic as here in this blog we are going to discuss the same. Mons play a vital role in Cyberpunk, adding mods makes the game hundred times interesting as well as better and engaging. So many users have claimed that adding mods enhanced their gameplay […]

How to fix KB5022845 fails to install

KB5022845 (OS build 22621.1265) was a scheduled update that was released on 14 Feb 2k23 for the versions 22H2 and 21H2. This update includes various security improvements and vulnerability solutions to the internal OS functionality and Windows 11 servicing pack updates. But unfortunately some users have claimed that they are unable to install KB5022845 update. […]