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How to fix Auto Hide Taskbar not working?

Many of us prefer automatically hiding the Taskbar as one can switch between programs and launch the Start Menu with the help of keyboard shortcuts. And we know that Windows 10 allows its users to auto-hide the taskbar and this can be easily enabled in the settings app. But several Windows 10 users have claimed […]

How to Factory Reset Windows 7 without CD

If you have used your computer for a very long time and now it feel sluggish and is full of trash. The best option to make it optimal to use is by making a backup and factory resetting your system. Factory Reset means your system will retain back its default setting after deleting everything. Doing […]

How to fix Oculus software not installing in Windows?

Are you struggling with Oculus software not installing in Windows? Then don’t panic, keep reading the blog to get past the issues because here in this blog we are going to guide you on the same query. As per the reports several users have claimed that they are unable to install Oculus Software on their […]

How to Fix Network Resource Unavailable Windows 10 [SOLUTIONS]

There is a common issue in Windows Operating System where when user tries to install a program or software is faced with an error, “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable, Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package”. […]

How to fix Vmmem High Memory Usage?

Have you heard about Vmmen? It’s a virtual process that the system synthesizes to represent the memory and the CPU resources consumed by your virtual machines. And also Vmmen is responsible for running virtual machine processes & memories. It clearly means that the process is the heart of the virtual machine, and it is where […]

Gamepad not recognized Windows 10 [SOLUTIONS]

Anyone who plays games on a regular basis knows the importance of a gamepad while playing some of their favorite games. Some might prefer Mouse and Keyboard but almost every gamer seems to enjoy playing with a controller or gamepad once in a while. For that reason you need to connect your joystick or gamepad. […]

Can I Turn Off Memory Compression Windows 10

In Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new feature to their operating system knows as Memory Compression. These give your physical memory or RAM more usability room by making use of available system memory and reducing physical memory utilization. It is enabled by default in Windows. It overall improve the user experience by improving the reading […]

How to Fix Location Tab Missing From Folder Properties Windows 10 [SOLUTION]

The Location tab in properties page window of supported folders will allow you to see the current location of the folder, restore default location, find target of the location and move the folder location. Sometimes, users experiences an error or bug where the Location Tab Missing from Folder Properties Windows 10. If you open your […]

How to Update OpenSSL Windows 10 [STEPS]

OpenSSL is used to secure communication over computer network against for protection. This open source cryptography library that implements the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols is designed to secure communications over computer networks against eavesdropping. It is used by majority of HTTPS websites and Internet Servers. To update OpenSSL Windows […]

How to fix Command Prompt and PowerShell not working [FIXED]

Before the age of glorious Graphical User Interface, computer system was used by commands. Now commands are used by advanced user to troubleshoot specific Windows issues, automate task via batch files and scripts or administrative functions. There been many cases where user reported that their Command Prompt or PowerShell not working in there Windows Operating […]