Fix Android Pie Bluetooth Not Working Issue (Know How)

Being a tech blogger, I am always excited about the new things and technology updates coming to the market. Recently, Google has updated their Android Operating System and launched “Android Pie” on their new Pixel line-up phones which are available for other older Pixels phones and several smartphones for other popular companies.

While I was reviewing the Android Pie (its features and effects on battery consumption etc.), I came across so many forums where users were discussing about Android Pie Bluetooth not working issues. When users updated their smartphone to Android Pie, all the saved Bluetooth devices were deleted and it was not able to add new device. Anybody could get annoyed if such a basic feature doesn’t work. Since so many users are facing similar issues so I decided to provide depth review regarding Android Pie Bluetooth Settings and hope this will help you fix android p Bluetooth audio not working or any issues related to Bluetooth connectivity on Android Pie.

Android P Bluetooth Settings:

Go to Settings> Connected Devices> remove the paired device. You may or may not see the list of paired devices (Devices that were paired with previous Android version). Add it again and check if it works or not.

Connectivity could be a major issue since there are so many brands, accessories, and car makers available now. On online forums, most of the cases are related to Android Pie Bluetooth not working with cars. Users are complaining that the connectivity drops for no reason.

It is recommended to update all your Bluetooth pairing devices. In case, if you still face the issue then you may try “Factory Reset”. This may delete all the stored data hence it is recommended to make proper backup before executing this process.

Do let us know whether the suggestion provided here worked for you or not. Write your queries directly in the message box provided below.

Samir Prakash Author