How to Fix Cannot Download or Install Apps in Play Store [FIXES]

Play Store is an online marketplace to purchase, download and install applications, games, TV Shows, or Movies. Play Store come pre-installed on almost all android smartphones and only require an active Google account to access. However many users reported that they Cannot Download Or Install Apps In Play Store.

Unfortunately this issue has been reported many times in the past and there are multiple factors that can result you in facing this issue. Some of them include unstable internet connection, insufficient storage available, corrupted cache data, temporary bugs or glitches, problematic Google Play services or incorrect date or time settings.

If you are facing the same error code then don’t worry, we have mentioned all the possible fixes and workarounds in the article below that you can follow and resolve the issue.

Resolve Google Play Downloading or Installing Error  

As we already know that there are several reasons due to which the issue can be faced hence you will need to follow all the fixes and see which work the best.

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

Google Play Store requires a fast and stable internet connection to work as intended and if your connection is unstable then it can trigger the issue. Check using online services whether your connection status.

If you are using mobile data to access the internet then you can try switching to Wi-Fi connection type or vice versa to resolve the connection related problems. If you are facing it on Wi-Fi then restart your modem or router to fix any bug which might be the reason for connection instability.

Fix 2: Reboot Your Device

Bugs or glitches are common with any operating system and Android is no exception. This could be one of the reasons why you are facing the issue and the best way to resolve it is by restart your device.

Before restarting your device, make sure to close any running or background applications as it could create discrepancies resulting in triggering the error. Once you have rebooted the system, check if the issue persists.

Fix 3: Check Data and Time Settings

Date and time settings are important when it comes to some system and third party applications otherwise malfunctioning can happen if there are differences. If this is the case then you will need to check and fix date and times settings on your phone to resolve the issue. These are the steps on how to do so:

  1. Open Settings through app drawer or quick settings panel.
  2. In the list of settings, find System.
  3. If you phone does not have system settings then look for Additional Settings option.
  4. Open Date and Time settings.
  5. Toggle ON the Use network provided time and Use network-provided time zone options by tapping on it.
  6. Once done, open Google Play Store and check for the issue.
Fix 4: Check Storage Space

Every Android phone has limited local storage space and some system functionality can get disabled if there is not enough space available. Other than that, downloading or installing applications require storage space as well and if you don’t have enough then you can face Cannot Download Or Install Apps In Play Store issue.

Open settings application and move to storage option to check if your storage space is full and if it is then free some storage by tapping on Free Up Space button. You can also manually move your files and documents to external storage like SD card or computer system. Cloud Storage can be used as well for clearing more space.

Fix 5: Clear Cache Data of Play Store

All applications create cache files to load elements faster and overall smoother experience however, these cache files can sometimes get corrupted for unknown reasons eventually resulting you in facing the issue. Luckily, you can clear these created cache files to solve the problem and these are the required instructions:

  1. Launch Settings app on your device.
  2. Move to Apps option and open Apps & notifications or Apps Management settings.
  3. Look for Google Play Store in the list of installed applications.
  4. From the next window, open Storage option.
  5. Now tap on Clear Cache button.
  6. See if the error persists.
Fix 6: Reset Google Play Services

Android operating system has some core application built into them which supports other installed applications and service. If these core apps malfunction for any reason then the supported application will face issues as well. Google Play Service and Play Store is one of the example and if Google Play services malfunctions then you can face the issue. Follow these steps to reset and resolve the issue:

  1. Open Settings from app drawer.
  2. Go to Apps and open Apps & notification.
  3. Tap on three dots icon and select Show System Apps.
  4. Now search and open Google Play Service.
  5. Open Storage option and tap on Clear All Data.
  6. If prompted, then tap OK.
  7. Open Play Store and check for the problem.
Fix 7: Uninstall Play Store Update

Many users on forum sites stated that their issue was caused due to problematic Play Store update and it was fixed when they uninstalled the update. You can also do the same by follow the instructions given below:

  1. Long press on Google Play Store inside App Drawer.
  2. Tap on App Info button.
  3. From top right corner, tap on three dots icon.
  4. Choose Uninstall Update.
  5. When prompted for confirmation, tap OK.
  6. Let the uninstallation procedure finish and then open Google Play Store.
  7. Now let the Play Store update to the latest version and it might take some time.


Applications are an important part for Android system and not being able to download or install due to Cannot Download Or Install Apps In Play Store issue can be quite frustrating. If you are facing the same then follow the fixes and their steps listed in the article above to resolve the issue without any hassle.

Samir Prakash Author