How to Fix Internet Recovery Mac not working Issue

MacOS Disk contains a hidden recovery partition that you can boot from in order to reinstall MacOS on your Mac computer. But in case if the recovery partition gets damaged, then you can enter into “Internet Recovery Mode” that is Internet-based version of recovery mode can easily be found on new MacOS based computer. “Internet Recovery” Mode allows you to reinstall MacOS and troubleshoot the problems with Mac’s startup disk. However if you try to holding down “Command + R” keys on keyboard to load Internet Recovery Mode and if this recovery mode not working, then it might possible that the disk is beyond the recovery.

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What is Internet Recovery Mac?

Internet Recovery” tool has been available since 2012 for MacOS computer. This tool allows you to reinstall MacOS version that was factory-preloaded on your Mac computer at the time of purchase. In case if internal disk is damaged or you have replaced it with a faster, more capacious model and you have forgotten to create a bootable version of EI Capitan on USB media, then you should use “Internet Recovery Mode” to reinstall MacOS.

“Internet Recovery Mode” will not only download the original MacOS version that comes with your Mac computer, but it will also run a quick test of Mac’s memory and disks to check for hardware issues. This popular restoration tools taps directly to the server at Apple’s to download an original version of MacOS to be installed in your Mac computer.

You can access “Internet Recovery Mode” by pressing “Option + Command + R” or “Alt + Command + R” keys together from keyboard before Apple LOGO show up after booting your computer. These shortcut keys can be vary according to keyboard you use. And the depending on your internet connection speed, the whole process can last around five minutes.

How to Enter Internet Recovery Mode on Mac computer?

If you are unable to create a recovery partition on the hard drive of your Mac computer for some reasons and even you won’t able to use traditional recovery options, then “Internet Recovery” can be best way to create a recovery partition. To access it, follow steps below.

Step 1: Click on “Apple” menu and then click on “Restart”

Step 2: While booting, press & hold “Command + Option + R” keys together from keyboard before Apple LOGO appears

Step 3: Keep holding these keys until “Start Internet Recovery” window appears

Step 4: After loading, a WiFi menu appears as Internet Recovery Mac. Click on dropdown and connect to stable network

Step 5: After your computer connected to network, it will begin download the recovery System image directly from Apple’s server.

Step 6: After that, Mac OS X utility window pops-up. Choose the recovery option you want from this menu. For example, if you want to reinstall Mac OS X, then choose “Reinstall OS X” option

Reasons behind Internet Recovery Mac not working Issue:

  • Incompatible Internet settings
  • Slow Internet Connection
  • Faculty Internet Connection
  • Problem with keyboard
  • “Internet Recovery Mode” is not available for MacOS older than Sierra.
  • Viruses or malware attack can cause several issues like Internet Recovery Mode not working on Mac computer
  • Corrupted Internet Recovery Mode, deleted it while replacing hard drive or installing Windows via Boot Camp

How to Fix Internet Recovery Mac not working Issue?

Method 1: Troubleshoot the problem through Bootable Installer using Terminal App

One possible solution to troubleshoot this problem is through a bootable installer using Terminal App

Step 1: Plug USB flash drive to your Mac computer

Step 2: Go to “Disk Utility”

Step 3: Select “Volume” in the sidebar and click “Erase”

Step 4: Make sure the name stays as “Untitled” and does not change it

Step 5: Now, open “Terminal” App and copy & paste the “createinstallmedia” text into “Terminal” and then enter your admin password, press “Y” and then hit “Enter” key

Method 2: How to recover files on Mac?

During reinstallation process, it might possible to lose your personal data stored on Mac computer. To get deleted or lost data back, you have one possible choice i.e., Data backup & recovery software which is capable of recovering deleted or lost data. For example, you can use “Recoverit Data Recovery Software” for Mac in this situation.

Method 3: Check if keyboard is not problematic

If keyboard is not working properly, then it is obvious that you can’t access Internet Recovery Mode using keyboard shortcut’s key and even you can’t perform reinstall MacOS completely because keyboard is required to finish the Install or reinstall process. To check if the keyboard is problematic or not, you can connect keyboard to another computer, and check if it is working. If not working, then you can replace it with new Mac Keyboard.

Method 4: Ensure Recovery Partition is not corrupted

“Internet Recovery Mac not working” issue might occur when you had accidently deleted recovery partition while installing Windows via Boot Camp or replacing the hard drive on your Mac computer. To check whether recovery partition is corrupted or not, restart your Mac and press “Command + R” to enter into Mac recovery, if it doesn’t work for you, then try “Option + Command + R” keys to activate Internet Recovery Mode. Note that, Internet Recovery Mode can be accessed on Mac OS version higher than Sierra 10.12.4.

Method 5: Fresh Install Mac Operating System

If you are unable to fix Mac OS Internet Recovery Mode not working issue with methods mentioned above, then you can try to fix by fresh installing the Mac Operating System in your computer. To install MacOS from bootable Installer, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Insert bootable Installer USB Flash drive to your Mac computer and Shut down your Mac

Step 2: Hold down Option or Alt key and press Power button

Step 3: The Startup device list window should appear displaying a yellow drive with install (Software Name) below it

Step 4: Select it and press “Return”

Step 5: After that, select “Disk Utility” and select the drive under Internal hard drive

Step 6: Click on “Erase”

Step 7: Give the drive name “Macintosh HD” is traditional but you can choose. Ensure that format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and Scheme is GUID Partition Map

Step 8: Click on “Erase > Done > Disk Utility > Quick Utility”

Step 9: Select “Install MacOS” and click on “Continue”

Step 10: Follow the install MacOS options and select “Macintosh HD” as installation disk when presented and then click on “Install”

Step 11: MacOS will now be installed on your Mac computer hard drive from bootable installer. Once this finished, you will have new Installation of MacOS along with a recovery partition.


All the procedures/methods mentioned above can easily be fix Internet Recovery Mac not working issue. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. If this post really helped you, then you can share it with others to help them. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box given below.

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