Know how to delete all FaceTime calls on Mac

FaceTime is a video telephony product developed by Apple and it is available for operating systems like iOS 4 and later and Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later. We don’t need to explain about FaceTime as it is one of the most used tools for audio as well as video calls among the Mac and it’s the default macOS app so the users are not allowed to delete it but yes they can disable it. One the major reason reasons for its popularity is that it allows syncing with all your Apple devices. This means that if you are using it on Mac & switching to the iPhone, you can attend the call on it too which simply means that if you make any call on your iPhone will be logged on your Mac and the recent calls gets stored in your FaceTime history and will be reflected on every connected Mac devices.

A very common query that FaceTime users often asks is regarding the deletion of call logs on FaceTime. Is it possible on Mac or iOS devices and what are the simple steps to do it. So in this particular blog we will discuss on how to delete all FaceTime calls on Mac or Macbook Air  and how to check FaceTime call history on mac. Deleting FaceTime call logs is quite easy and must be done on a regular interval of time.  As mentioned earlier, it syncs across all the devices and if you are a regular user of FaceTime then it is recommended to delete calls logs for two primary reasons. The one is of course because of memory space consumption while the other privacy hazard that a call history loophole could bring. If you are looking for a guide to clear or check/view all your FaceTime calls on Mac then you are at the right place, keep reading the blog till the end.

How to check/view FaceTime call history on Mac?

so you can easily view or check FaceTime history on other Apple devices which are synced together until all the devices are logged in the same iCloud account.

On Mac OS X devices such as Macbook Air, follow the below mention steps to check FaceTime call history:

  • Open FaceTime on your Mac device (Note: If you are unable to find the app on the Mac docs then you need to open the Application folder and then type in “FaceTime” under the search bar
  • Your app history will appear in the list on the left hand side

How to delete all FaceTime calls on Mac or How to delete FaceTime call log on Macbook air?

You may follow the below mention steps to delete FaceTime history on Mac:

  • Use Finder to look for the FaceTime app>then launch the app
  • Tap on All/Missed>Select the call to erase >Ctrl+click
  • After that select Remove to erase it from the Recent call logs .Note: It will delete only one call
  • In order to remove recent calls, you have to select Remove all>this action will delete all recent calls in the All and Missed Pane
  • The above mention steps will remove FaceTime History on Mac
What is the need to delete Calls history on Mac?

As FaceTime syncs across all the devices so it is quite mandatory to delete the call logs to avoid privacy hazards and not to mention to recover storage space and boost the performance of the app as well as the device. Though it’s an in-built app of Mac so you cannot uninstall to get rid of the calls but yes you have an option to disable it/switch off. So if you really desire to the disable the app due to any certain reason, you may follow the below mention instructions:

  • Firstly launch the app
  • Tap on the FaceTime menu>select Preferences
  • Select Settings>Uncheck enable this account
  • Note: If you want to make calls on FaceTime but don’t wants incoming calls on your app then you simply needs to uncheck the boxes under “You are often reached for FaceTime at” & leave it enabled.

That’s all about How to delete all FaceTime calls on Mac, how to delete FaceTime call log on Macbook air, how to check FaceTime call history on Mac. I hope that the post was helpful for you and it solves all your queries regarding viewing/deleting calls logs on Mac.

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Samir Prakash Author