How to Turn ON phone without Power button Redmi

Turn ON/OFF Xiaomi Redmi phone without Power button

In this post, we are going to discuss on “How to Turn ON phone without Power button Redmi’ with easy steps/methods. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘Power’ button on your Xiaomi Redmi phone is physical button allows you to turn ON or OFF your phone by hard pressing the ‘Power’ button. It is quite simple to turn ON and OFF your Redmi phone with ‘Power’ button. However, several users reported that they faced issues with power button of their Redmi phones and explained they are looking for solution to turn ON/OFF phone without Power button because their Power button is not functioning properly.

No doubt if the ‘Power’ button your Xiaomi Redmi phone is damaged or not functioning properly, it is difficult to turn OFF/turn your device without ‘Power’ button. In such case, you can try to turn ON your Redmi phone with ‘Redmi Phone root’ technique. It means you need to root your Android phone or Redmi phone to resolve the issue.

Root of Redmi phone is mode allow you to access the configuration levels normally only accessible to developers who will allow you to modify the operation of mobile. While running Redmi device root, you will be able to change the role of the physical volume buttons to give them function of turning ON or OFF your Redmi phone. However, rooting your Redmi phone requires lots of technical knowledge. Let’s go for the solution.

How to Turn ON phone without Power button Redmi?

Method 1: Use ‘Scheduled Power ON/OFF’ feature to turn ON/OFF device

If you are able to access Redmi phone screen and is turned ON, you can use ‘Scheduled Power ON/OFF’ feature on your Android phone to schedule turn ON at particular time automatically when you turned OFF your phone.

Step 1: Open ‘Settings’ App in Redmi phone

Step 2: Go to ‘Accessibility > Scheduled Power ON/OFF’. These settings may vary depending Redmi model

Step 3: Now, enable ‘Scheduled Power On/OFF’ option and set the time for ‘Power ON’ and ‘Power OFF’

Step 4: Once done, hard press on ‘Power’ button of phone to turn it OFF. Or if Power button not functioning/ or don’t want to turn OFF using power button, then you can set the ‘Power OFF’ timing in ‘Step 3’ in between 2-3 minutes. Your phone will be automatically turned ON on the time that you have set.

Method 2: Using ADB commands on Windows 10 PC

Another ways to turn your Redmi phone without Power button is to use ADB commands in your device when your Android phone is connected to PC. But before that, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone, when you connect your phone to PC using USB cable, choose ‘File Transfer’ connection mode instead of choosing ‘Charge Only’ mode.

Step 1: Open your browser on Windows PC and download and install ADB drivers if not available in your device

Step 2: Once installed, press ‘Volume Down’ or ‘Volume Up’ key on your Redmi phone and insert your phone to computer using USB cable. Keep pressing ‘Volume’ key until connection is established.

Step 3: Now, open ‘ADB folder’ where you have download and installed ADB drivers, and hit ‘SHIFT’ key and right-click on empty space on the folder and select ‘Open PowerShell Window Here’

Step 4: In the opened window, type ‘ADB Devices’ and check if your device’s code name appears with its serial number in next line. Note down the device ID somewhere.

Step 5: Now, type ‘ADB –s <device ID> reboot’ and hit ‘Enter’ key to execute. This will restart your phone.

Note: Make sure USB debugging is enabled in your phone or the phone is in ‘File Transfer’ mode when connected to PC otherwise, you can perform this operation using ADB commands.

Method 3: Restart Redmi phone from ‘Boot Menu’

One possible way to turn ON your Redmi phone without power button is to enter your phone into Boot Menu. Usually, Boot Menu in Android phone is used to factory reset a device or clear its cache, but you can also use this option to restart your phone without Power button.

Step 1: At first, you need to press right key combination on your Redmi phone to enter into Phone’s Recovery Mode/menu. These key combinations may vary depending on device model. One way to enter into Recovery Menu is to long-press the ‘Home’, ‘Power’, ‘Volume Up’ button simultaneously. You can also try key combinations like Home + Volume up + Volume down, Home + Power button, Home + Power + Volume Down, and so on.

Step 2: This way, you get enter into phone’s recover menu and now you can release the keys.

Step 3: Using ‘Volume up’ and ‘Volume down’ button on phone, navigate to ‘Reboot System Now’ and select it. This will restart your phone without any issue.

Method 4: Turn ON the Redmi phone by calling or pressing other buttons (when the screen is ON)

Step 1: Plug your Redmi phone into charger. This can break the ongoing sleep mode and turn on your device on its on.

Step 2: Try to make phone call your device from someone else’s phone. This way, you can fix this issue

Step 3: If your Redmi device has ‘Home’ button on it, then you can long-press on it in order to wake it.

Step 4: Long-press the ‘Camera’ button on phone can also turn on your phone from sleep mode.

Method 5: Use third-party apps to replace Power button

You can take help of some third-party apps like Gravity Screen to replace the power button. You can use this app to restart or turn ON your Redmi phone without power button by substituting its action with any other key like Volume or camera key.

‘Gravity Screen’ tool is available for free on Google Play Store. This tool offers you to take assistance of your Redmi phone’s sensors to detect whenever you pick up. When you pick it up, this app will automatically turn your Redmi phone ON. This app works on your phone’s sensors and then restart or turn ON your phone without any issue.

Method 6: Replace power button to Volume button

If ‘Power’ button is not functioning anymore, then you can try ‘Power button to Volume button’ app to replace the action of power button with its Volume phone on Redmi phone. And then you can use volume button to turn On your device. This tool is available on Google Play Store for the free.

Method 7: Try Fingerprinter scanner

Sometimes, ‘Power’ button not functioning issue due to issue with internal OS conflicts, problematic applications, damaged phone’s battery, physical damage of power button, and other reasons. In such case, you can try to turn ON your phone without Power button. You can try your phone’s fingerprint scanner to turn ON your device.

On your Redmi phone, you can configure Fingerprint scanner feature via ‘Settings’ App to turn ON/OFF your phone. This way, some functions of power button can be replaced.

Method 8: Remap the ‘Power’ button to another physical button

If the possible is still persist, then you can try to remap your Power button to some other button phone. This way, you will be allowed to use the function of Power button with the button you have replaced.

Step 1: Using ‘Step 1’ of ‘Method 2’, turn your phone in Recovery Mode

Step 2: Navigate to ‘ADB interface’ using ‘Volume’ key

Step 3: Enter ‘fastboot continue’ command.

Step 4: This will reboot your phone in recovery mode and when booting initiate and now, enter the following command

adb pull /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl

Step 5: Now, in ‘Generic.kl’, find ‘VOLUME_DOWN’ OR ‘VOLUME_UP’ and then replace it with ‘POWER’.

Step 6: Now, push key layout settings back using ‘adb push Generic.kl /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl’ line.

Tips to protect power button on Redmi phone:

You should always try carefully turning ON/OFF your device while using ‘Power’ button for this and make sure restarting phone is not causing any hardware issue with power button. Also, you should make sure you have backup of your phone that could help you to restore your phone in case of damage or even if you can’t turning ON/OFF your phone due to some issue with power button. To restart your phone, you can try launchers and home-screen widgets instead of choosing ‘Power’ button.


I am sure this post helped you on How to Turn ON phone without Power button Redmi with several easy steps/methods. If you want to turn your Redmi phone ON without using ‘Power’ button, then you can read & follow our instructions to do so. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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