How to unblock a website blocked by administrator

System administrator or sys-admins are the one who take care that you don’t waste your time in accessing social sites like Facebook or downloading latest movies or games from Torrent websites while you are in work place whether it is your office, college computer labs and so on. They make sure that any of such websites are blocked for you in the working premise.

Before entering in how to unblock a website blocked by administrator, it is better to have a little idea on how websites are blocked. Basically, a website can blocked at three levels namely Computer level, Network level, and ISP/Government level. DNS service provider may also block websites on a computer shared by multiple users. Additionally, in Internet Options, there is a built-in “Restricted Websites” option to block certain URLs.

Remember that unblocking a website that has been blocked by admin could be serious offense based on your work and where you work. You may lose your work, job, or even may face more harsh punishments or penalties. On the other hand, if you are a system administrator then this article will help you know how people are tricking you and bypassing the restrictions made by you.

Important Note: First of all, you have to be sure that you are not able to access the website because of restriction and not because the website is down or is not available anymore.

Access a Blocked Website on Computer

This directly depends on the mode used to block a URL or access to any thing. Some of them are,

  • Network Firewalls: This is an easy way of blocking the outgoing and incoming access to websites and IP addresses
  • Process list: This is used to block any third-party to change the current running processes
  • Blocked Ports: This is used to block the TCP/IP ports
  • Installation Access: In order to block you from downloading or upgrading anything in the work-station, installation access restriction is applied.

We will discuss each of the steps one by one.

Network Firewalls

Firewalls can be cracked using proxy website. Open Firefox > Tools> Options> Connection Settings. The list of all the available proxy IP addresses will be displayed.

On the other hand, you can also run portable software such as UltraSurf or JonDo in order to connect with proxy server automatically.

You can also use remote access for using your home PC as a private proxy server and browse with the help of its connection. It is very simple to do. Go to Start > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection. The static IP address of your home computer can be used like a virtual machine.

The other way is to use your mobile phone data hotspot. For more security and freedom, you can use VPN service.

Restricted Websites due to Internet Options

Check the error message that you receive. Check whether it is due to restriction on this account or is done by any software. In this type of case, the best solution is to carry a portable browser which works through USB and it supports proxy as well.

On the other hand, if the account related error doesn’t appear, it is most probably that the website has been blocked with Internet Options.

Go to Control Panel > Internet Options> Security Lab > Restricted Websites > click the button labeled as “Sites”. You can remove the URLs which you want to access.

There is also another way for website restriction using the same Internet Option. Go to Content tab and click on “Content Tab” or “Family Safety” button whichever you see. This method is used to block certain websites at user level. With the help of necessary password that you must know, you may change the settings. Here again, a portable browser can bypass this restriction.

How to unblock a website blocked by administrator – Installation Access

Consider a scenario where you want to use a free and legal tool available Online but you can’t simply because you don’t have the permission or access to do it. It is a very irritating and it is very painful to ask the admin to download some apps or software for you on regular basis.

The best way to get rid of these issues is to carry portable applications in USB and run them in the targeted PC as needed.

Using Proxy Browser to Access Restricted URLs

You can carry a portable browser that doubles up as proxy such as KProxy. In the kProxy website, you can type URL of any website in the text box at the middle of the page and access the website you want.

Use Different DNS

The ISP blocks the traffic to and from the website which is banned in particular area. So, if you change the DNS settings from ISP then you may able to access the particular website.

In order to change the DNS settings, right click on network icon in the taskbar. Go to Network and Sharing. Double click on “Network”. In the Dialog box window, change the DNS under IPV4.

How to unblock a website blocked by administrator – Unblock Ports

For this, you need to have the admin access. There are as many as four ways admin could block your USB ports.

Method 1:  Go to Start> Open Run and type regedit and then press enter. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBSTOR              . Click on START and change the value to “3” and then “OK”.

Method 2: Go to Device Manager and right click on the selected PORT and enable them.

Method 3: If your System administrator has uninstalled the USB drivers then you just have to plug the USB device back to the system. It will automatically select the perfect driver for itself and make the necessary installation.

Method 4: Sometime you require a third-party tool to enable the USB port. They allow you to enable or disable the ports and you can get them over internet.

Use of Proxy to Access Restricted Website

With the help of proxy websites or programs, you will be able to access a blocked webpage. For accessing social networks URLs, you can use proxies such as UltraSurf. The proxy websites such as and            allows you to access blocked URLs.

There are few helpful methods that will allow you to access the websites restricted on your work-station. These steps can be applied at home, network, LAN etc. accordingly. Hope you will get some solution from this lengthy article and you queries for How to unblock a website blocked by administrator is solved now.

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