How to uninstall OMEN Gaming Hub in Windows 11

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About Omen Gaming Hub

Well Omen Gaming Hub needs no introduction it’s a program from HP usually comes pre-installed with most HP Systems and can be used to optimize the PC for a better gaming experience. And it provides several amazing features to its users.

But according to the reports not all users are very much interested in this built-in program. As we have earlier mentioned that users have reported their grievance that they wants to remove this program from their PC for their own reasons. But unfortunately they are unable to do so by using the Control Panel because the app is available in the list and hence can’t be removed.

Follow the below mention suggestions to uninstall OMEN Gaming Hub in Windows 11

Method 1: Uninstall Gaming Hub from Windows Settings

So many users have successfully managed to uninstall OMEN Gaming hub by using the Windows Settings to remove the app. And in order to proceed with this method follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: First of all open Windows Settings by pressing Windows keys + I keys> Now go to Apps>Apps & Features

Step 2: Then search for OMEN Gaming Hub

In Windows 11: Tap on the three vertical dots and select Uninstall

In Windows 10: Select the app and tap on Uninstall

Step 3: Tap on Uninstall again to confirm your action

Method 2: Remove OMEN Gaming Hub from Windows Search

To do so first of all click on the search icon from the Taskbar or simply press Windows + S keys and type in “OMEN Gaming Hub” and tap on the uninstall button (if you can’t find it, tap on the drop –down icon and then click on the said button). Now you will ask to confirm your actions and then click on Uninstall once again and the app will be removed.

Frequently Asked Queries!

How to Reinstall Omen Gaming Hub?

In order to reinstall Omen Gaming Hub firstly uninstall the app. Once you are done with the un-installation process then navigate to or thee Microsoft Store and install the latest version of the app.

Can I disable OMEM Gaming Hub?

This program gives you the option for disabling the Gaming Hub and it is better than removing the app. HP OMEN HSA Service is related with the application, you can go to the Services (open the application from the Start Menu) and find the service in question, right-click on it and choose Stop.

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