How to Unlock Bootloader via Fastboot Android [Easy Steps]

Tips to Unlock Bootloader via Fastboot on Android phone

In this post, we are going to discuss on “How to Unlock Bootloader via Fastboot Android”. You will be guided with easy steps/methods to do so. Let’s starts the discussion. These steps/methods might be same for all Android devices means you can follow our instructions to Unlock Bootloader on any of Android device model.

‘Bootloader’: Bootloader is software program that is designed to run itself every time your Android phone startups. This program tells your phone which program to load in order to make phone run. In sort, when you turn ON your Android phone, Bootloader starts up and Android Operating System, and also Bootloader can start up Recovery Mode. Without working Bootloader, you Android phone is useless brick.

Bootloader is important because it loads both of these pieces of software when you turn ON your phone. Bootloader is safety mechanism for Android device’s parititons including boot, recovery, system, data, vendors among others and making sure that integrity of these partitions remains intact and there aren’t an medications made to them.

What is Unlock Bootloader and its advantages?

‘Unlock Bootloader’: You should make sure that there aren’t any changes done to any of Android device’s partitions including boot, recovery, system, data, vendors, among others. Changing or modifications in any of these partitions can create troubles. Also, you should make sure you using legitimate software program delivered by device manufacturers. However, not every Android user is fan of this default OS.

There could be several reasons why the users not want this default OS including its UI that are against the notion of in-device ads, or the tons of incorporated bloatware apps might be bugging them. In such case, there is one solution if you don’t want this default OS is to unlock Bootloader in your Android device. Once you have done the unlock Bootloader in your Android device, the system would no longer place any restriction on depth of customizations that you could achieve.

The little problem with Unlocked Bootloader in your Android phone is that you might get Bootloader unlocking warning message but that is it. One advantage of Unlocked Bootloader in your Android phone is that you will be allowed to install custom recovery like TWRP in your phone. This is turn will give  you the option to install Mods, wipe various device partitions, take Android Backup, install files via ADB and more actions can you can perform.

Also, you will be allowed to install many popular custom ROMs including LineageOS once you have Unlocked Bootloader in your phone. Another major advantages of Unlock Bootloader is that you can install or upgrade your Android OS version to latest Android version even if officially it is no longer slated for upgrade. ‘Magisk’ tool you can use to access system level files and change it as per your need. It is known as rooting your Android phone, which can easily be done when you have Unlocked Bootloader in your Android phone.

Risks with Unlock Bootloader in Android phone

Unlocking Bootloader in Android phone can increase the chances of cyber attacks in your phone. However, your OEM might even make the device’s warranty void and null. Also, some banking apps like Google Pay and games like Pokemon Go might be function correctly, this can lead to you not being able to view Netflix contents in HD. Also, Unlock Bootloader process in itself is very dangerous and might brick your Android phone or send it to bootloop, if you have completed Unlock Bootloader process incorrectly. So, you should follow steps to unlock bootloader in your Android phone properly.

‘Fastboot’: Fastboot is protocol that can be used to re-flash partitions on your Android device or you can update flash file system in Android phone. This tool comes with Android SDK Platform Tools which is an alternative to the recovery mode for doing installation and updates.

How to Unlock Bootloader via Fastboot Android?

Don’t skip any steps otherwise you might face some issues in Android Phone. You should follow each step one-by-one to unlock bootloader.

Step 1: Backup your Device

At first, you should create backup of your all personal files, Android settings, Apps or data and entire Android device. Backup of Android phone is important because this process will erase everything from your phone. So, you should create backup first. You can create and save backup on some safe cloud storage that could help you to restore your all data in future.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking in Android phone

Now, you need to enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking feature in your Android phone.

  • Open ‘Settings’ App in your Android phone and go to ‘About Phone’ and tap on ‘Build Number’ 7 times
  • Now, back to Settings app and tap on ‘System > Advanced > Developer Options’ and enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking feature.

Step 3: Install Android SDK Platform Tools in your Windows/Mac computer

Now, you need to install ADB and Fastboot binaries in your computer (Windows/Mac). This tool offers you to run ABD and FastBoot commands between your PC and Android device. So, you should download and install this tool in your computer

Step 4: OEM Specific Prerequisites

Some Android device’s OEM like HTC, Nokia among others require a unlock token, specific codes or even specific file to perform unlock bootloader operation. So, you will have to complete these requirements before beginning the unlocking process via Fastboot method.

Step 5: Boot device to Fastboot/Bootloader Mode

  • Make sure USB Debugging and OEM unlocking feature is enabled in your Android phone. Connect your Android phone to PC via USB cable
  • Now, go to ‘Platform-Tools’ folder of your Android SDK Platform Tools, inside the folder, right-click on empty space and select ‘Open Command Prompt here’ option
  • In Command Prompt, type ‘adb devices’ and hit ‘Enter’ key to execute. Click on ‘Ok’ if it shows ‘Allow USB Debugging’ popup to allow it.
  • Now type ‘adb reboot bootloader’ command and hit ‘Enter’ key to execute

Step 6: Unlock Bootloader via Fastboot

  • Now in the opened command prompt window, type ‘fastboot flashing unlock’ command and hit ‘Enter’ key to execute. This will wipe off all the data
  • Now, enter ‘fast oem unlock’ command and using ‘Volume’ keys to select ‘Unlock the Bootloader’ option in your Android phone and then hit ‘Power’ button to confirm unlocking bootloader
  • This will take few seconds/minutes to finish. Once done, enter ‘fastboot reboot’ command in Command Prompt to reboot your phone.


I am sure this post helped you on How to Unlock Bootloader via Fastboot Android with easy steps/methods. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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