PCGames-Download shutting down: Everything comes to end, owner says

Report says, the popular website PCGames-Download shutting down which offers the users to download crack games online. It is an official announcement from the owner of website that the site is shutting down in few days. They are advising the users or fans of PCGames that there is limited time to download the game from the platform. Owner of sites also asks that it might happen the similar but fake sits may crop up after PCGames-Download website gets shut down. Let’s take have a look at “Goodbye message” about PCGames-Download not working matter from the owner of site.

The team members have taken other paths. as a result. as you have probably noticed already. we upload the games with a little delay in recent months. We removed the notification of updates also a few months ago, because we can no longer provide 20-30 updates every day as before. There are also a lot of dead links on the site not fixed for weeks.

I do most of the work, alone for months. I can no longer insure it for personal reasons.

I made that decision a few months ago. I would rather close the site and leave you with nice memories than leave the site in this state

PCGames-Download shutting down: Owner says

According to owner, on the last day of this year 31th Dec 218 will shutting down their site pcgames-download.com completely. So, you have still time to download your favorite PCgames from the platform. Let’s take have a look on owners’s statements about the shut down:

We’ll give you a few days to continue downloading until, 31.12.2018 the server will be closed on this date, so hurry up!

Clone sites may appear to take advantage of the disappearance of the site in order to trap you with viruses or other things. if you see a site that looks like this site, run away. it’s a fake. There will be no other site. It’s really the end

We are researching on the matter deeply and we will definitely post an update, if it will come in future. For any suggestion and queries, please write on comment box given below.