Tumblr alternative Tumblralt: Built by Engineers from Tumblr community

The news “Tumblr has ban NSFW adult contents from its platform” affected the fans of Tumblr lots and they had decided to replace this site with its best alternatives. They had shocked too much from this news and frustrated users were writes lots of things on Twitter as well as posted the memes regarding this matter.  However, Tumblr’s users are searching for its best alternatives which could be used on their System as replacements.

The news is coming that Tumblr’s users are now migrating towards Newgrounds, Pillowfort, Suffra, Dark Cloud, reddit and others site as replacements. Now, we got some another platform which are targeting to become one of best Tumblr alternative i.e., Tumblralt. Let’s take have looks about this website on twitter:

You will see the following message on its home page while you try to open Tumblralt’s website

As you know, Tumblr has decided to wage war against freedom of expression due to the misguided actions of a few. We, a group of talented engineers from within the Tumblr community seek to create a space sans the binary thinking that has left us to no longer have a place to express ourselves freely. Sign up below and find out when we launch

Trumblr for engineers: Tumblralt is being built by engineers from Tumblr’s community

From the above message that is also mentioned on Tumblralt’s home page, it is clear that the Tumblralt site is under-constructing or not yet ready. But the group of talented engineers from Tumblr community has decided to create Tumblr alternative Tumblralt as mentioned in his message.  They have also suggesting that the interested users can leave their email ID and subscribe it in order to know when the launch happens.

There is not complete information available about Tumblrat while we Googled about Tumblralt and could found on reedit where link is provided of this new alternative. Actually, it can be new secret Tumblr alternative which we talked about few days back. We have seen its website link on Twitter and reddit where information related to this new platform is available.

So, we can say that it can be promoting techniques of Tummblralt’s developers before the site launched. We are researching on this matter and we will defiantly post an update, if it will come in future. For any suggestions and queries, please write on comment box given below.