[UPDATE] PlayStation Stars not tracking Progress

PlayStation Stars are new loyalty program released by Sony for its customers that allows them to warn rewards by finishing a variety of campaigns and activities.

A member of PlayStation Stars will also be able to earn loyalty points, complete “Monthly Check-In Campaigns, acquire digital collectibles and much more.

PlayStation Stars tracks players ‘level’ for earning a certain number of trophies or buying full games from the PlayStation Store. But as per the reports it’s not updating various campaigns, unlocking rewards or even registering progress. While going through several forum sites we have concluded that PlayStation Stars not tracking Progress currently which has become headache for thousands of users. If you are too facing the same then don’t panic you are not alone.

And unfortunately the developers have not acknowledged the issue so thing which one can do is just wait till the issue gets resolved from the other side till then we suggest you to keep visiting its official site and other forums to get in touch with the update.

I just enrolled in PlayStation stars and it started me off from scratch. Even my current preorders for games like Ragnarok don’t seem to count. Is this actually the case or is it a bug? Edit: Also it doesn’t track the challenges I do like “play a game: Source


I’ve played 2 VR games right now, ans Playstation Stars is not registering that I played them: Source


Instead of an app, I wish the PS5 had this feature built in. The application is very erratic, and it doesn’t update the challenges for me: Source



That’s all about PlayStation Stars not tracking Progress and we really hope that PlayStation team will soon fix this issue. Thanks for Reading.

Sakshi Anant Author