What is Xiph.org open codecs? Should I remove or is it safe? (Uses Explained)

e use many types of software on our machine on daily basis but we never try to find out the other softwares which are associated with that particular software and help it to run properly on our machine.  But there are few users who are very much interested in knowing what softwares they are using and how it works for us. And if you belong to the same category then this post belongs to you. In this tutorial will discuss about xiph.org open codecs. Have you ever heard about xiph.org open codecs? If yes and want to know more about it then keep reading the write-up.

What is xiph.org open codecs?

Xiph.org open codecs is a program which was developed by Xiph.org. The motive of this program is provide filters for Ogg , Speex , Theora , Vorbis , WebM , FLAC. It consists encoders, decoders & anodex for all the Xiph.org formats.  In order to elaborate, the Windows Media Player used by Windows users contains .ogg files hence Xiph.org is used to play the .ogg files.  Simply it means that if you are able to play songs, videos on Media Player then it is simply possible by xiph.org open codecs.


As we have earlier mentioned that the developer of xiph.org open codecs is Xiph.org. It’s a freeware. It can be used on all the versions of Windows like Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. And the latest version of xiph.org open codecs is 0.85.17777.

Is Xiph.org open codecs safe?

We have concluded that several users have shared their grievance on the forums site like Reddit whether Xiph.org open codecs safe or not. Since it’s a freeware so may users want to know Is Xiph.org open codecs safe or not. We have earlier mentioned Xiph.org open codecs uses so from the above paragraphs I am assuming that you are quite clear about its uses and importance. It’s a crucial software to play videos on your Windows PC/Laptops. If we talk about the security then don’t panic it is absolutely safe. Another frequently asked query about Xiph.org open codecs is should I remove Xiph.org open codecs? The answer is yes you can remove it.

Related Query  

How to remove Xiph.org open codecs on Windows 7?
  • Click on the Windows button to open the Start Menu
  • Then choose Control Panel & Uninstall Xiph.org open codecs program
  • Find CSR Harmony Wireless Software in the list of installed programs
  • Right-click it & select Uninstall
  • Then follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the process
  • Finally Reboot Your System
How to remove Xiph.org open codecs on Windows 8?
  • First of all move our mouse cursor to bottom right side of desktop & activate Windows 8 side menu
  • Then open Settings>open Control Panel, here tap on Uninstall Xiph.org open codecs program
  • Find org open codecs from the list of installed programs
  • Tap on Uninstall to start the uninstallation process
  • Once done then restart your system
How to remove Xiph.org open codecs on Windows 10?
  • You need to open the Start Menu & tap on Settings
  • Select System Settings>select Apps & Features
  • Then choose the app you want to uninstall or remove
  • Tap on Uninstall option>confirm your action
  • Once done then simply restart the Computer
How to remove Xiph.org open codecs on Windows XP?
  • Tap on Start Menu
  • Go to Control Panel>Programs>Add or Remove Programs
  • Search for org open codecs>click on Remove

Final Words

That’s all about what is Xiph.org open codecs, Is Xiph.org open codecs safe, Xiph.org open codecs uses & Xiph.org open codecs should I remove? I have tried to explain all the possible queries related to Xiph.org open codecs. And I really hope that the blog was helpful for you.

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