15 Best VipBox alternatives in 2023 for Streaming Sport Events Online

VipBox is a popular online streaming platform that is used by millions of sports enthusiasts worldwide to watch their favorite events live and on-demand. It allows its users to watch sports events that includes UFC, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket and so on. Its users can enjoy so many features such as watching live scores, highlights, schedules of upcoming matches and so on. Its rich user-friendly interface, uninterrupted streaming quality and large range of available content to choose has made it gain immense popularity among sport enthusiast.

VipBox offers provides a chat section where users can interact with other fans, exchange opinions, and share experiences. Its services are totally free and it doesn’t requires any kind of subscription fees or registration. It is a go-to option for sports fans worldwide who want to catch up on the latest matches and events.

Current URL of VipBox has Changed

On many of the portals such as isitdownrightnow.com or downstatus.com, the URL of VipBox is mentioned is vipbox.tv. However, when you open this URL in the browser, it gets redirected to https://www.viprow.nu/ and it headline says, ‘VipBox Row Sports –  Sports on Demand’. This means that domain name of VipBox has been changed and there is some minor changes in the homepage particularly in the user-interface.

Why People are looking for Sites like VipBox?

Though VipBox is highly popular and its features are very innovative and engaging, it is primarily violating copyright of broadcasting exclusive sport events without permission and hence it has been blocked by several countries due to copyright infringement and legal complication. Hence, user in countries such as USA, UK, and Canada etc. cannot access VipBox site or its apps directly. Rather they search for VipBox alternative to find similar sport streaming platform have same features and offerings.

Don’t get disheartened if you belong from one of the countries where VipBox is banned or inaccessible. Also, if you are from a country where VipBox is accessible, you can use these sites like VipBox for Online sport streaming platform in case there is lag, inaccessibility or bugs during the live matches.

Best VipBox Alternatives Websites or Apps

  • 123sports
  • Buffstreams
  • Batmanstream
  • TV
  • Fox Sports Live
  • fuboTV
  • goATD
  • MyP2P
  • SportLEMON
  • SportRAR
  • Streamhunter
  • StrikeOut
  • FirstRowSports
  • SuperSport


The URL to visit is 123sportlive.me which is a football streaming platform. If your interest in watching all kind of football sports even live then this is the place for you. It offers high quality fast streaming for free. Its user interface is also very rich and friendly. Its homepage contains a download button that allows you to download its app automatically and enjoy best football matches from La Liga, Euro Championship, Copa America, English Premier League etc. live on your device.


The URL to visit Buffstreams is https://sportshub.stream. This online streaming platform allows you to stream live sports events and highlights from various sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and so on. The best part is that it contains multiple links to watch the same event, ensuring users can always find a working stream. It doesn’t require any registration or subscription fees just like VipBox. It contains details of the upcoming live events of games in differnt genres. Additoanlly, you can interact with ohter users through a live chat.

The downside is that it may be illegal in your region and potentially harmful due to issues such as malware and cyber threats.


The URL to visit Bamanstream is https://batmanstream.watch/ . It also offers free live streaming of sports events in various genre such as Rugby-league, table tennis, padel tennis, cricket, handball, football and so on. It also contains a section where list of all the upcoming live events are listed.

The downside of Bamanstream is that it is an unauthorized streaming platform and many a times, the link promoted on it get redirected to unsafe website.


The URL to visit Crickfree.TV is https://cricfreetv.ws/. It is also a free Online streaming platform for watching live sports from all around the world. It allows to stream high quality HD content of live games such as Baseball, Cricket, American Football, and Baseball and so on.

Fox Sports Live

The URL to visit Fox Sports Live is https://www.foxsports.com/live. It is a true alternative to VipBox because it is comparatively safer as compared to other VipBox alternative sites mentioned in this blog. It allows you to stream high quality sports events. The streaming links are mostly genuine and they don’t redirect to any promotional websites which could be dangerous for your device security.

The streaming service is totally free however, you can sign your account in order to get personalized experience. It has a search bar where you can search for live sport events. Its collection of sports events are very diversified and is of various sport events including NBA, MLB, NFL, College Football and so on. It also contains short clip videos of games for further analysis.


The URL to visit FuboTV is https://corporate.fubo.tv/. It is promoted as a live TV streaming platform with more than 200 channels on it. There are free as well as paid packages to choose from hence there is no copyright infringement with it and hence it is one of the most trusted and legally supported alternative to VipBox. FuboTV can be accessed in US, Canada, France and Spain.


The url to visit goATD is https://www.goatdverse.com/. It offers a GoATD digital pass for joining their community. This pass allows access to exclusive contents from sporting events which are unfiltered and unscripted. The other features includes watching live HD video streaming, meet and greets with the athletes and so on.


The URL to visit MAMAHD is mamahd.best. It brings live sporting events on your Pc or mobile for free. Apart from offering live streaming, it contains schedule for game events, video highlights and so on. It offers you to watch sports of various categories such as football, NBA, UFC, formula 1 and so on.


The URL to visit MyP2P is https://myp2p.at/. It offers free streaming of sports events for everyone. It contains multiple links for every sports events to watch them without any slow connectivity or other bugs. Its homepage contains sports categories such as tennis, basketball, football, motorsport and so on. However, when examined the platform, we noticed that accidental clicks on the webpage is getting redirected to third-party unsafe websites and this could be major concern for your Online security.


The URL to visit SportLEmoN is https://sportlemon.net/. It is another VipBox alternative that allows you to stream sport events from various categories such as Basketball, Baseball, US Football, Boxing, Moto, Hockey, and Football and so on. The downside is that many of the streaming links opens pop-up window promoting Online betting’s and things related to gambling.


The URL to visit SportRAR is https://sportrar.tv/. Its offers video streaming of various sports categories such as Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, IceHockey, Handball and so on. It contains proper list of games categorized on the basis of Live, finished, Game on TV, Not Started and Selected. The game streaming links are well curated hence you will not face any difficulty to find your favorite sport event.

The other unique feature is to get the details of the game streaming time in your own local time zone format. Additionally, you can list all the games from a same sport event like LA Liga etc. on single list and thus you can track all the events from one competition on a single page.


The URL for Streamhunter is https://streamhunters.top/. There is also another URL with similar name, https://streamhunters.io that offers similar features. It is a good alternative to VipBox for watching live sports matches. Its primarily streams matches related to Football. Sometime, you may find it difficult to find your favorite live matches because it search option doesn’t work perfectly and often gets redirected to other third-party sport streaming website. This could be its monetizing method to make money by redirecting user to other third-party websites.


The URL for StrikeOut is StrikeOut.cc. This is a very interesting sport streaming platform where you can live stream games for multiple category including Football, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis and so on. Additionally, it offers options to watch entertainment sports like WWE and UFC.


The URL for firstrowsports is http://firstrowsportș.eu/. It also offers to watch high quality live streaming of sports events. It allows to adjust time zone so that you can search the live sport match according to your local time zone. All the streaming schedule are neatly mentioned and you can get the schedule of streaming any sports events in local area time format.

Firstrowsports offers live streaming matches of sports categories such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby and others. The user interface is simple and interactive. Like other sport streaming websites, it also contains few broken links.


The URL to visit SuperSport is https://supersport.com/. It has very user friendly interface and have live score of any popular current sports event on its homepage. Like the other alternatives of VipBox, it also has different sports categories to stream including Football, Basketball, Cricket, and Rugby and so on.


VipBox has been a popular platform for streaming sports events online. However, due to legal troubles, frequent shutdown, malfunctioning of streaming links, many users looks for VipBox alternative platforms. We have discussed some of the best alternative for VipBox that offer similar or even few of them offer better services. These platforms includes FirstRowSports, StrikeOut and many others. With these options, sports enthusiasts can continue to enjoy their favorite matches and events online without any hassle.

Ultimately, it is recommended to visit each of these mentioned alternate for VipBox and check which one works best for you. All of these offers wider range of sports categories, high quality video streaming and are almost free.

Some FAQ Related to VipBox and its Alternative/

Is VipBox Safe or Legal?

Technically, VipBox is illegal and cannot be green flagged as safe category. Most of the Streaming sports events are copyrighted content and is streaming right are sold to particular telecaster on huge prices. The sites like VipBox stream such copyrighted content on their platform for free and hence it violates law.

Apart from legal issues, platforms like VipBox contains pop-ups ads and malicious links which redirects users to other unsafe URLs and make infect your device with severe malware.

If you are sport enthusiast and like to stream sports events on your device like mobiles, TV etc. then make sure that you use the official streaming partner platform of that particular sports events.

How to watch VipBox Safely?

Below are some of the general Safety tips which you must consider while using streaming platforms like VipBox.

  • Use a VPN to hide your internet IP address.
  • Install ad-blocker so that malicious pop-ups and links automatically gets blocked
  • Don’t share any kind of personal or confidential information on these Online sports streaming platforms

Is VipBox Alternative Safe?

The other platforms that has been discussed here as VipBox alternative are equally unsafe as VipBox. All of these are voilating copyright rules and they generate unsafe pop-ups and ads on their platform that redirect to unsafe URLs and your device may get infected with severe malware.

Why is VipBox Not Working?

The first reason could be that it is banned or inaccessible in your area. Countries such as USA, Canada etc. has banned this platform due to legal and copyright issue. The ISP you are using for internet connectivity would have blocked VipBox access. If these things are fine, it could be down because high demand and load on its server.

Is VipBox Shutdown?

Local restriction in your area may lead to its shutdown for you. However, technically it is not shutdown. However, it do gets slow or inaccessible time to time due to high demand and load on its server.

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