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How to fix Windows 11 Bluetooth not Working

While going through several forum sites we have concluded that many users have reported that they are facing Windows 11 Bluetooth not Working. They have reported that the Bluetooth icon is missing while some of the users have also claimed that they are unbale to send or receive files using the Bluetooth. So considering the […]

How to Reinstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

In this particular blog we will discuss how to Reinstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. As several users have claimed that they face Edge Crashes as soon as it’s launched. But we have concluded that reinstalling the legacy version of the Edge browser, so without any further delay let’s gets started. Reinstall the Chromium-based new […]

How to Fix Stuck On Preparing To Configure Windows Issue [FIXED]

Several times while performing important task such as installing new updates or security patches Windows Operating System might get stuck on preparing to configure Windows screen and prevent users from accessing or booting into the operating system after the update. Similar has been reported by many different users and is becoming frequent day by day. […]

How to Create Printer Shortcut Windows 10

Here in this article we will guide you on how to create Printer Shortcut Windows 10. In the earlier version of Windows it was quite easy for the users to see the pending tasks for your printer. But in Windows 10, users face issues due to new ways of printing. If you are on the […]

Rainmeter Best Skins for Windows 10

Windows operating system has always been very customizable in almost every way possible. From changing the color accent of the taskbar to changing the wallpaper of homescreen and lockscreen as well as the font used. There are many third party theme engines to change every aspect of your user interface. Rainmeter is one of the […]

How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Show Up As Two Devices Windows 10 [METHODS]

Headphones are an essential when using your computer because without it the experience is incomplete. But multiple users have reported the issue related to Bluetooth Headphones when connecting it to their Windows Operating System. When trying to connect, it shows as two devices in Windows settings. This is having a negative impact on the audio […]

How to Fix Windows Update Error You’re Not up to Date [SOLUTION]

Windows Operating system has been the choice of users for a long a long time due to its versatility and customization. But it has always been plagued with issues and bugs. Now many users are reporting Windows update error you’re not up to date issue while trying to update their system. There are several reasons […]

How to Turn Off Keyboard Sound in Windows10/Windows 11 [STEPS]

There is subtle clicking sound when you use keyboard in Windows Operating System giving you a haptics feedback and more tactile experience. While there are some people who love and need this tactile experience and one the other hand there are people like me who hate this sound as well as the feedback. If you […]

How to fix Unable to start Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11

Several users have claimed that while starting the Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11, they are unable to start the Windows Subsystem for Android. Additionally they have also claimed that whey they encounter the issue they are unable to open and use the Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows even if it is installed […]