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How to fix INVALID_SOFTWARE_INTERRUPT Blue Screen Windows

While accessing our PC we often get stuck with different kinds of errors. Some of the errors are harmless and some are quite critical and may completely damage your system. Well here in this blog we will discuss about one of the same errors named INVALID_SOFTWARE_INTERRUPT Blue Screen Windows. So if you are too badly […]

How to Fix Headphone Jack Not Recognized in Windows 11

Headphones give a more immersive experience when watching a movie or playing video games and you can connect it through a headphone jack. However some users have reported that they have been facing headphone jack not recognized in Windows 11 issue. And due they are not able to use any external audio devices. On research […]

How to Fix Windows is Freezing While Watching Videos [FIXES]

You can watch as well as stream online videos on your Windows computer system. However some users have reported that their Windows is freezing while watching videos. Additionally, they mentioned that their video playback is affected in locally stored video files as well as online streamed videos. On research we found out that there are […]

How to fix Waves MaxxAudio Service Application high CPU in Windows

We all know that software is a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks. And Windows is also Software. In order to run the Windows Software, a number of processes are working in the background.  And we are unaware of some of the processes but they are running […]

How to fix Windows apps update error 0x800706d9

Updating Windows is one of the crucial processes for enjoying the uninterrupted services of Windows. But often times when any user tries to update their Windows to the latest version they get stuck in the middle of the process. Update errors like 0x800706d9 are quite common but such kinds of errors says a lot about […]

How to fix Event ID 7000 in Service Control Manager

Several Users have claimed that they get prompted with Event ID 7000 in Service Control Manager while trying to start certain services. This error stops software services from starting. Such kinds of errors not only acts as a barrier while running certain services but also hampers the PC Performance which eventually effects the other functions […]

How to fix Windows Update Error 0X80070003

In our previous blog we discussed about “Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002” and here in this blog we will discuss another update error named Windows Update Error 0X80070003. If you are also looking for a troubleshooting guide, keep scrolling the blog. Description of the Error! As we earlier mentioned it’s an update error and the […]

How to fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80d02002

Microsoft release frequent updates for improving the experience of Window’s users. From the very earlier version to Windows 11, we have noticed numerous additions of features which undoubtedly reflect the fabulous job of the developers. Well here in this guide we will discuss about one of the Windows Updates. It’s true that updating the Windows […]

How to fix Stop Code Critical Process died Windows 11

There are numerous BSOD Errors and Stop Code Critical Process died Windows 11 is one of them. Critical _Process_ Died is a Blue Screen of Death Error which commonly occurs due to unexpected corruption in critical Windows background processes like service.exe, winlogon.exe or csrss.exe. And you should know that these processes are very essential to […]

How to Clear RAM Cache Windows 11 [Solved]

Cache memory is a small sized type of volatile computer memory that provides high speed data access to a processor & stores frequently used computer programs, applications and data. It’s a temporary storage of memory that makes data retrieving easier and more efficient. It is the fastest memory in computer. But sometimes these stored caches […]