Details on Best Dragon Aura Cookie Clicker, Reddit, best Dragon Aura, best Dragon Aura combo 2022

Cookie Clicker does not need any introduction. It is not newly introduced to the industry. But still it is the talk of the town due to its incredible gameplay. The game has no clear ending and it is the full entertainment package for the gamers. It’s a known fact that cookie clicker has several levels and these levels unlock after sacrificing buildings. On several forums sites like Reddit and other community websites the query related to cookie clicker has been flooded. Many of the beginners are excited to know about the gameplay. So we have made a small effort in the form of this blog to give the vital info to our audience.

 Hence this tutorial will talk over Best dragon aura cookie clicker, Reddit, cookie clicker best dragon aura, cookie clicker best dragon aura combo 2022. So stay tuned will discuss all the above mention terms one by one.

Best dragon aura cookie clicker or cookie clicker best dragon aura

Before discussing about the best dragon aura cookie clicker, you should now that what is dragon aura?

The dragon aura is simply a power to mount oneself in draconic energy or influence it.

It is recommended to train the dragon, alias, Krumblor after Ascending. By losing buildings, one can train a “dragon aura” that provides you several bonuses.

But one of the repeatedly asked questions is, which isthe best krumblor dragon aura? The answer is Radiant Appetite. After Radiant, the other two main auras’ are Dragonflight and Breath of Milk.  Another aura’s are also available and they are also good but not all the time. Most of the times while playing the game the above mention three aura variants are most important.

The game has multiple aura’s and the significance of each aura’s changes according to the demand of game. So it is not correct to give the title of best dragon aura to any of the aura’s. But it has been observed that the Breath of Milk is comprehensively good because it gives about 30% boost in late game.

Cookie Clicker best Dragon Aura combo 2022

We have enlisted the names of the best and mostly preferred dragon aura. You can go through the list to know the details. Each of them has specific significance.

Breath of Milk: The kittens are 5% more effective than others

Dragon Cursor:  The clicking is 5% more effective than others.

Elder Batallion: Grandmas gain 1% cps for the every non-grandma building

Reaper of Fields: The Golden Cookies may elicit Dragon Harvest

Earth Shatterer: The Buildings sell back for 50% in place of 25%

Master of the Armory: The upgrades are 2% cheaper

Fierce Hoarder: The buildings are 2% cheaper

Dragon God: Prestige the cps bonus by 5%

Arcane Aura: The Golden cookies seems 5% more frequently

Dragonflight: The Golden Cookies may elicit Dragonflight

Ancestral Metamorphosis: The Golden Cookies give 10% extra cookies

Unholy Dominion: Wrath cookies give 10% extra cookies

Epoch Manipulator: The Golden Cookies last 5% longer

Mind over Matter: The Random drops are 25% more mutual

Radiant Appetite: The cookies production is 2 times multiplied

Dragon’s Fortune: 123% cps per golden cookie on-screen multiplicative

Dragon’s Curve: 5% growth of sugar lump and the sugar lumps are double as possible to be rare

Reality Bending: It is one tenth of the every other dragon aura, combined

Dragon Orbs: It has no buffs and no golden cookies on screen, selling the most powerful building have 10% chance to summon any.


That’s all about Cookie Clicker best Dragon Aura combo 2022, Best Dragon Aura Cookie Clicker, Reddit, Cookie Clicker best Dragon Aura. I really hope that the tutorial was good enough to understand the concept of Dragon Aura.

I have tried my best to provide you all the possible info about the terms and now it’s your turn to read the article and clear your doubts.

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