Download CyberLink YouCam for Streamers, YouTubers, Vloggers

CyberLink YouCam is webcam software acts as ‘Live Video Studio’. This software supports screenshot grabber, image editor, and motion detection recorder with email alerts, video recorder, and face detection technology for logging into Windows and locking the PC, and much more.

The main window of CyberLink YouCam software has a dark theme and plays animations when selecting options. It is possible to switch webcam to fullscreen mode. It creates an icon in the System Tray for quick access and gets sent there on exit. This software gets automatically launched when starting a webcam a video call within Skype, Yahoo Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger.

YouCam – webcam software offers you can zoom-in and out your webcam, change video stream in real time when it comes to the brightness, contrast and exposure levels. These changes can be done either automatically or manually. Additionally, you are also allowed to change hue, saturation, gamma, white balance, gain, exposure, and other features support by your webcam.

YouCam Broken Down into 5 Major Categories

This program’s components are broken down into 5 major categories including frame and scenes, emoticons and gadgets, particles, filters and distortions, avatars and augmented, where it includes 21 scenes, 54 frames, 14 particle types, 9 filters, 12 distortion types, 34 gadgets, 19 avatars and 34 emoticons. However, you can download the additional ones from CyberLink’s developer website.

CyberLink YouCam software contains custom faces, hair, eyes, eyebrows, noses and lips which can be used to create new avatars. It supports numerous styles and you can select any color from the spectrum. However, you are also allowed to add earrings or hats as accessories along with a background image in JPEG and BMP files format. The output as results can be previewed before turning it into a new profile, which will help you to edit the video/image file before save,

CyberLink YouCam software offers you to draw directly on the webcam video using a pen, pick a color to change pen color, use eraser to make corrections or fill the selection with color. As mentioned above, this webcam software allows you to configure the videos in real time. You can apply the skin smoothing effect to the footage and adjust its level in real time. You are also allowed to remove all applied effects with just single click.

CyberLink YouCam offers you to take Screenshots

This program can be used to take screenshots/snapshots, and can be opened in Windows Explorer, renamed, emailed, compressed (ZIP) file, sent to the desktop as shortcuts and sent to My documents or Skype. You can create a library that keeps a calendar and saves all photos and video recordings and allows you to filter your library by date, month or faces.

You can use this software to edit screenshots. You can open the screenshots/snapshots with built-in image editor and enable HDR and burst mode. YouCam’s beautification tools can be used for smoothening and toning the skin, reshaping the face, adding blush, enlarging eyes and whitening teeth, for removing the blemish, shine and eye bags.

CyberLink YouCam consists of Two Modes

Presentation mode: The first mode allows you to apply effects on videos while you are chatting with your friends. It means you can add effects to live video in real time. For example, you can add distortion effects to make yourself look bigger, animated ‘emotion’ effects can be applied that are bit like cartoon captions. However, you can also download more tools from CyberLink official site.

Stand-Alone mode: This is the second mode in YouCam software allows you to use your webcam to capture video and still images, add effects to them instead.

Once all the modification is done, you can preview the video in real time, and save the resulted media as JPG, BMP, or PNG file, sent via email, and posted on YouTube or Facebook.

CyberLink YouCam Alternatives

YouCam webcam software can easily be downloaded and installed from CyberLink official website or by visiting to “”. However, it is not necessary to install this application for capturing photos, taking screenshots, recording videos, applying effects to videos in realtime and more options. You can also try CyberLink YouCam alternatives including:

  • ManyCam
  • SplitCam
  • YawCam
  • Magic Camera
  • Logitech Webcam
  • IP Camera Viewer
  • AlterCam


I hope this tutorial helped you to know about CyberLink YouCam. This software allows you to change camera settings, add effects to video in real time and much more. Note that it is not necessary to install and use YouCam webcam software in your Windows device, and you can also try other webcam software. If this tutorial really helped you, then you can share this tutorial with others to help them.