Fastrack Reflex WAV Smart band Review: Gadget for youngsters

This article will help you to read complete details about Fastrack reflex WAV smart band review. Fastrack is very popular brand in India that is owned by watchmaker Titan. The Company sells several accessories such as sunglasses, watches and others that are attracted by youngsters. Fastrack Reflex is first attempt of the company at affordable activity tracker for the users in India. According to reports, Fastrack Reflex looks very exciting and its price is just only Rs. 1,995 which is equivalent to Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It is now available with long lasting battery and syncs with Android and iOS devices.

Fastrack reflex WAV smart band gesture control: attracted by youngster

Fastrack have lots of knowledge & experience about young people and their interests. Its dual color band is not simple paint job .Different colors in its inner and outer layers of Reflex feel different too. One of the interesting things is that outer layer has ridged pattern, slightly rough while the inner layer has soft rubber like feel. Goodness is that there is issue come with the device while we are sleeping. So, we can say that Fastrack Reflex is very comfortable and easily attracted by young peoples.

This tracker will be charge via regular USB that means there is need to plug this device to laptop, desktop or any other adapter which support USB charging. Unfortunately, due to its USB charging port, this tracker looks bulky and hence, its display is quite average. FastTrack Reflex is locked in horizontal orientation that makes hard to check the time or press a bottom to make any changes on wrist. However, vertical orientation is much better for reading text.

Rating of Fastrack Reflex wrist watch

  • Performance: 3
  • Design: 2.5
  • Other features: 2
  • Overall: 2.5

Fastrack reflex WAV smart band review: its performance and software

Fastrack reflex is accurate & fast tracker device which tracks around the average of 8000 steps in a day and it shows 5 to 7 percent of deviation when we compared against the step tracker on iPhone 7. So,we can say that it’s fairly accurate with activity data. Even there is button on the front which is very hard to spot and doesn’t always respond well. As much as we liked the quality of the band, the capsule itself is quite a letdown.

Fastrack Reflex’ software on Android and iOS leaves a lot of desired

  • The device focus appears to have been on developing barebones app to record data rather than engaging way to check the activity. I can be big deal when we compared with Xiaomi which as better apps for their fitness trackers.
  • The ban did not stay with iPhone 7 comfortably. When users tries to open the app, “pairing request” popup appears iOS twice. This app worked on Android comfortably, but in iOS it failed to download data from previous days.
  • Actually, Fastrack Reflex stores the activity data for about 15 days back, but the iOS app several days shows no any activity. When open the app to sync once every four days. However, this type of problems not occurs in Android apps based device.
  • Users can’t even unpair the Reflex on iPhone due to app would lose its connection with movement of tracker. But, it is working when turn on the Bluetooth on Android when wanted to paired with new device.

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