How much is 1 Million Diamonds on TikTok?

TikTok is currently the most trending social media platform and many users are using it to earn money from their content or watch and gift to their favourite content creator. However you might be curious about how much is 1 million diamonds on TikTok and we are here to answer that.

TikTok provide its content creator chance to make money once they have reached 1000 followers on their account. If you are a content creator then you can upload video and live stream to receive gifts from your followers as a form of appreciation. And the followers of yours need to buy coins on their account to gift your diamonds.

These coins are considered as in-app currency which is purchased by real life currency. There are multiple bundles that provide various amounts of coins and a maximum of 16,500 coins can be purchased at a time which is equivalent to $300. And due to this, one cannot purchase 1 million coins at a time on their account.

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How much is 1 Million Diamond in Real Money?

The valuation of 1 Diamond on TikTok is worth 2 coins therefore we need to determine that how much is 10,000 coins worth. To find this, we need to look for the most expensive coin pack and its cost. A 16,500 coins pack cost $300 therefore according to calculations 10,000 coins will be $182.

This means 1 million coins will be equal to $18,200. If 2 Coins are equal to 1 Diamonds then 1 million Diamonds will be equal to $36,400 and is more or less than 120 packs of 16,500 coins pack. This is an absurd amount and only a handful of people will be able to experience this much money.

We have also mentioned some useful information regarding to calculating earnings for TikTok if you decide to become a content creator or influencer.

How to Transfer TikTok Coins into Real Currency? 

You cannot convert TikTok coins into real money directly. However you can redeem Diamonds in exchange of actual money and balance section in TikTok is here you cash them out. You can instantly convert coins into gift points which can be exchanged for diamond and cash. The very first thing you need to do is, connect your PayPal account to your TikTok account. If you don’t have PayPal then you will need to make one in order to receive redeemed money.

Open the balance section or page on your TikTok to see your current coin balance. The coins can be converted into Diamonds and they can be transferred as actual money in your PayPal account. You can only convert your diamond if you have a minimum of $100 worth of diamond in your account.

The redeem amount of 1 diamond is 0.05 and if your device to exchange 1000 diamonds then you will receive $5 but TikTok keep half the amount as a fee which means the amount you will receive in your PayPal is $2.50.


TikTok is a massive social media platform and it only getting bigger. Therefore the opportunity to find worthwhile content as well as the option to create then is also very high. The platform has its in- app currency as well and if you are looking for how much is 1 million diamonds on TikTok then you can read our article above to find out the exact number and what it means.

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