How to Find Owner Info on Locked iPhone

Suppose you find an iPhone at the coffee shop and want to return it to the owner. In such situations, your first attempt could be to access the phone to find owner information.

Unfortunately, you find the phone is locked as most phone owners use a passcode to protect their data and privacy. Now, you may be looking for how to find owner info on locked iPhone?

Typically, getting the owner’s information on a locked iPhone is a little bit tricky. The tricks are checking the medical ID and asking Siri for the lost iPhone owner’s information.

Don’t you get how you can do it? Then, go through the entire context. Here we will discuss the step-by-step guidelines for finding the owner’s info on a locked iPhone.

How To Find Owner Info On Locked iPhone?

It is quite impossible to unlock an iPhone without the right passcode. However, there are some simple tricks to get information about the locked iPhone until the owner enables the lost mode.

If the lost owner enabled the lost mode, you will see an “iPhone Locked to Owner” message on the screen. Below we have demonstrated two such tricks that will help you to know the owner information of the locked iPhone.

Method 1: Check Medical ID

Medical ID usually provides the iPhone user’s information in case of an emergency. The information includes medical conditions and personal contact details. Anyone can easily get the information from the lock screen without accessing the password.

So, there is a chance you may get the owner’s contact number or other information from the Medical ID. To access the Medical ID information, go through the steps below.

  • Swipe up the lock screen of the iPhone to view the password screen.
  • Then, tap “Emergency” in the left-bottom corner of the password screen.
  • Once you tap “Emergency,” you will see “*Medical ID” in the same place. Click on it.
  • If the iPhone user sets the Medical ID, you will get different information, including blood group, birthday, and emergency contact information.

Method 2: Ask Siri For Show The Owner’s Info

If you fail to get the locked phone owner’s information from Medical ID, you can take the help of Siri. Siri is a personal assistant for Apple device users that responds to the user’s questions. Follow the procedure below to find the locked iPhone’s owner information Through Siri.

  • First, hold the Home button or side button of the locked iPhone to launch Siri.
  • Once Siri opens, ask it to “Show my contact card.” Siri will instantly display the information of the lost phone owner.
  • It is also possible to ask Siri to call the last dialed number or call mom, dad, or home. It will only work if these names are saved on the phone’s “My Card“.

Important Note: Don’t try to unlock the iPhone using guessed passwords. If you input the wrong passwords several times, the phone can be disabled or erased. This will prevent you from accessing the Medical ID or Siri to find the owner’s information of the locked iPhone. Additionally, it will not be a good idea to restart the phone. Restarting a locked iPhone may not allow you to launch Siri.

Some Additional Ways To Reach The Locked iPhone Owner

Apart from Medical ID and Siri, you can contact the locked iPhone owner in other ways. Here we have demonstrated some easiest ways to reach the lost iPhone owner.

1.   Wait For Incoming Calls

Keep the device powered on if you still can’t get the lost phone owner information. You may get calls from the phone owner or others. Although it can be odd to answer unknown calls, you may find the owner’s information.

2.   Insert Lost Phone SIM Card To Another

Inserting the lost iPhone SIM card into another phone is an excellent way to get the owner’s information. In that case, you will just have to take out the SIM card from the lost iPhone and insert it into a new phone. After that, check the contact list and call someone that seems close to the owner.

3.   Wait For Lock Screen Message

iPhone allows users to use Find My Device or erase data once the phone is lost. Apart from that, users can display a lock screen message on the lost phone. This message can be the name of the user, address, or number. If you find this type of message, contacting the phone owner will be easy for you.

4.   Connect The iPhone To A Computer

If you don’t find the phone owner’s information via Siri, you can take the help of a computer. Using iTunes or Finder, you can easily get the iPhone’s name. In that case, you have to connect the phone to the computer using a cable. As most people set their device name like “Name’s iPhone,” it will be easy for you to find the phone owner through the name.

5.   Contact The iPhone’s Carrier

You will find the carrier name of the lost iPhone at the top left of the screen. Call the carrier’s customer care and tell them about the lost iPhone. As carriers contain the information of the SIM owner, they may help you by providing the owner’s details.

6.   Contact The Local Police

Lastly, if nothing else works, contact the local police and tell them about the lost iPhone. Police will help find the phone’s owner in a short time. As police can gather carrier information easily, they can find the phone owner.

How To Find Owner Info On Unlocked iPhone?

If the lost iPhone is unlocked somehow, it will be easier for you to find the owner’s info than on a locked phone. Some of the common methods to find the owner’s information on unlocked iPhones have been discussed below.

Check The Call History

Calling recently called people from the lost phone’s call history will be easy to get information about the phone owner. You will just need to call some numbers that seem related to the phone owner.

Check The Contact List

Phone users usually keep important numbers in their contact lists. So, check the lost phone contact list; you may find anyone’s number that is close to the phone owner. Once you get one, call the number and take the phone owner’s information.

Look Up The Apple ID’s Settings

Since Apple IDs have to be created with the address, you may find the owner’s information by checking the owner’s email settings. In that case, you can access the Apple ID’s settings in different ways, including from phone settings.

Can Apple’s Support Team Help To Find Lost iPhone Owner’s Information?

Apple is very strict about its users’ privacy. It doesn’t disclose any private information related to the users. For that, Apple won’t want to get involved in finding the lost iPhone. In that case, it is better to contact the police station and inform them about the lost phone. They will help to find the phone owner in a short time.


You may now have a clear idea of how to find owner info on locked iPhone, after reading the context. As you have seen, finding the owner’s information is not a challenging task. You will just have to check the Medical ID or ask Siri for the owner’s details.

However, there are also some other ways to contact the lost phone owner, like waiting for incoming calls or lock screen messages, inserting the SIM into another phone, and contacting the local police station.