How to Fix Curseforge app not downloading mudpacks [Steps]

Tips to fix Curseforge app not downloading mudpacks:

In this article, we are going to discuss on How to fix Curseforge app not downloading modpacks in Windows 10/11 PC. You will guided with easy ways to resolve the issue. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘Curseforge app’: Curseforge is game website where you can download video game modifications and add-ons for titles like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and StartCraft II. It is also authoring platform, which provides templates for building new game medications. Curseforge is hosted on the streaming and social media platform, Twitch and is available on desktop browser or on Twitch mobile app.

However, several users reported they faced Curseforge app not downloading modpacks issue on their Windows 10/11 computer when they tried to download Curseforge Modpacks on their device. There could be several reasons behind the issue including corrupted/outdated browser cache and cookies, incorrect internet connection, interference of other conflicting programs/applications installed in computer, and other issues.

This issue can also be occurred due to some issue with Curseforge app itself or incorrect way you are using to download Curseforge mudpacks in your device. Some users reported installed Curseforge mudpacks is not detected. If you using a mod that can’t be found in Curseforge app or Curseforge website, it means:

  • That the mod is pending review by CurseForge’s moderators, and should be available once it’s approved (check out the working hours of the moderation team here).
  • Or
  • The project is not available in the repository, and therefore will not be detected by the CurseForge app.

How to fix Curseforge app not downloading mudpacks in Windows PC?

Method 1: Download and install ModPacks with Curseforge app/launcher

Step 1: Download Curseforge launcher. At first, you need to download Curseforge launcher app. To get this app, you need to visit ‘’ page in your browser and download Curseforge Client app for Microsoft Windows PC from there.

Step 2: Install Curseforge Launcher for MineCraft ModPacks. Now, double-click on downloaded ‘Curseforge’ setup file and follow on-screen instructions to finish installation.

Step 3: Setup Curseforge for Minecraft. Launch Curseforge app, go to setting of Curseforge for Minecraft. Just click ‘Next’ through as you read and ‘Get Started’ to finish the tutorial teaching you about the app

Step 4: Once tutorial finished, it is time to get Curseforge ready for Minecraft. Once the main screen that is open when you open the app, click ‘Minecraft’ and click ‘Continue’ button. Curseforge will then set itself up for Minecraft mudpacks.

Step 5: Install your Curseforge Modpacks. Once Curseforge setup is completed, you can install some Minecraft mudpacks with Curseforge app. To do so, open Curseforge app, search for mudpack you are looking for in search box at top of page or click ‘Browse Modpacks’ to see all of featured and cool mudpacks Curseforge has to offer. Click ‘Install’ button next to mudpacks to install.

Step 6: Launch your Curseforge Modpacks. Once downloading mudpacks finished, launch it by clicking ‘Play’ button next to it. You will need to log into your Minecraft launcher in order to play mudpacks.

Step 7: Playing your Curseforge Modpack. Once you are logged into Minecraft launcher, it is really easy to finally play your Curseforge mudpack. Click ‘Play’ next to your mudpack for this.

Method 2: Clear browser cache and cookies

If you face issue while downloading Curseforge mudpacks in browser, you can clear browser cache and cookies in order to fix.

Step 1: Open ‘Google Chrome’ browser and press ‘CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE’ keys on keyboard to open ‘Clear Browsing Data’ tab/page

Step 2: Select ‘All Time’ from ‘Time Range’ dropdown, check all the checkboxes relating to cache and cookies, and hit ‘Clear Data’ button and confirm it. Once done, restart your browser and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Check your internet connection

This issue can be occurred due to some issue with internet connection. You should make sure you have stable internet connection and speed, and there is no issue with internet connection at all. You can reset/restart your network device like router/WiFI device in order to fix the issue, and check if it works for you.

Method 4: Disable third-party antivirus/firewall temporarily

This issue can be occurred due to interference of third-party antivirus/firewall program installed in computer. You can disable third-party antivirus/firewall program temporarily in computer in order to fix, and check if the issue is resolved.

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I am sure this post helped you on How to fix Curseforge app not downloading mudpacks in Windows 10/11 with easy ways. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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