How to fix Some of your accounts require attention in Windows 11/10

hile going through several forums sites we have concluded that a large number of users have claimed Some of your accounts require attention in Windows 11/10 issue while using Shared Experience on their Microsoft Account. This error does not indicates that your account have issues it is just that a Window feature named Shard Experience is enabled on your PC which is corrupted somehow. If you are also one of those thousands of victims then you can totally rely on this blog to resolve your issue. So without any further delay let’s get started with the discussion.

Bur before discussing the troubleshooting methods lets discuss about the potential reasons that provoke the error. It is always good to the reasons of any issue before dealing it.

Reasons for the Error!

After investigating a lot about the error we have shortlisted few potential culprits that include unverified account, PIN of your account credentials and also conflicting old login credentials.

Well considering all the above mentioned possible reasons we have collected some tried and tested methods to get past the error. You can try them one by one until you manage to gets past the situation.

Try these fixes for Some of your accounts require attention in Windows 11/10

Method 1: Turned Off Shared Experiences

In this method we suggest you to disable the Shared Experiences on your PC. In order to do the same follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings and tap on System >after that click on the Shared Experiences from the left panel

Step 2: Then toggle off the shaded across devices option

Method 2: Verify your Microsoft Account

In this method we suggest you to verify your identity on your Microsoft Account and to do the same follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: On your keyboard press Win + I keys together to open Settings>then choose Account from the Settings

Step 2: Then tap on Your Info from the left panel> under the Manage my Microsoft Account, tap on Verify

Step 3: After that click on I have a code and gibe the code that they sent in your email>once the process is done then check if the issue resolve or not

Method 3: Remove PIN

If you are still struggling with Some of your accounts require attention in Windows 11/10 then try to remove PIN as several users have claimed after applying this method. And keep in mind that removing PIN doesn’t mean that your PC will be insecure. If you remove the PIN you will be asked to enter your account password for login.

In order to remove PIN follow the below mention instructions:

Step 1: To open Settings press Win + I keys together> then click on Accounts

Step 2: After that tap on Sign-in Options from the left panel>then expand the Windows Hello PIN and tap on Remove button

Method 4: Update Windows to the latest version

In this method we suggest you to update your Windows to the latest Version. Updating the Windows to the latest version will remove bugs/glitches from your PC. So kindly update your Windows Software to the latest version.

Best Recommended Solution for PC Problems

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Frequently Asked Queries!

How do I give Attention to My Microsoft Account?

Well you can try to customize your Microsoft Account by providing all the detailed information and verifying your account on your PC. You can follow the below mention steps to customize your account:

Step 1: Firstly tap on the Windows keys and then click on your Account Name> It will expand and from there, pick Change Account Settings

Step 2: Now navigate to the email & accounts section from the left panel>After that click on your Microsoft Account and click the Manage button

Step 3: Once you have entered the Microsoft Account Password, click on Your Info>then edit your account by giving all the information

That’s all about Some of your accounts require attention in Windows 11/10. If you liked the blog then keep visiting the site for more useful articles.