How to fix UAC Yes button missing Windows 11

indow operating system has a security measure that pops up when a certain task requires administrator privileges also knows as User Account Control or UAC. If this option is not enabled the users will not be able to give the proper administrator rights to any application that requires it.

Some users that have upgraded their system to Windows 11 recently have reported about this issue where the UAC is showing up but the Yes button is grayed out or is missing. There are various reasons one might face this problem, some of them are

  • Windows account having issues with administrative privileges.
  • Accidently disabling this feature.
  • Your Administrator account might have been switched with Standard/Guest Account.

There are multiple methods that can be used to fix UAC yes button missing Windows 11 we have listed all the solution and fixes with the steps below

Use safe mode to access Administrative Privilege

Step 1:  Open Setting app and navigate to Windows Update.

Step 2: Click on Advanced options and then click on Recovery.

Step 3: Beside the Advanced Startup option, click on Restart now button.

Your Windows will now reboot in recovery mode.

Step 4: Choose Troubleshoot option and go to Advanced Options.

Step 5: Now open Command Prompt and type the following command and press Enter afterwards.

Net localgroup administrators <accountname> /a

Type your system name in <accountname>

Step 6: Reboot your computer and check if the issue has been fixed or not.

Change your Account type to Standard and back to Admin

This solution might seem weird but many users have verified its success.

Step 1: Open Setting in Windows and go to Accounts then Email and Account and Add Account.

Step 2: Now create a local administrator.

Step 3: Switch account with new the new local account.

Step 4: Follow the same steps and change the account type to standard account.

Step 5: Reboot and log in with local admin account and change your account type to administrator again.

Step 6: Log out and then log in with your account.

This has helped many people and could also be the fix for you.

Using Built-In Account Switch your Group Membership

This fix can be done is two steps. One is to enable the Built-In administrator account in safe mode. Second will be when the admin account is active then use the local account to gain admin access privileges.

Step 1: Go to safe mode using the method mentioned above.

Step 2: Open command prompt in the recovery menu and type the following and press Enter on the keyboard.

Net user administrator /active: yes

This will activate the in-built administrator on a separate account.

Step 3: Reboot and Sign-in with your local account.

Step 4: Open command prompt with admin rights from the Start menu.

Step 5: Type netplwiz and press Enter. This will open User Account Control window.

Step 6: Double Click on local account name and set its Group Membership to Admin. Then click Apply to save changes.

Reboot and see if it solves the error or not.

Run SFC and DISM Command

Run System file checker and DISM tool to fix all the Windows corrupted files. This can be the issue behind the problem. Fixing corrupted system file manually can be very lengthy and full of errors therefore we suggest you to use automated system repair tool. This will both be time conserving and will give the best result. Our Advance System Repair Tool uses latest intricate algorithms and mechanized logic to scan the whole system and fix all the system corrupted file, missing dlls or other issues.

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Reset Your Computer

This method should be last on your list because this will not erase your problem but all of your data along with it. So make a backup of your files and data on external hard drive and do a complete system reset of your Windows.This will fix your UAC yes button missing Windows 11.

This error is now quite common to run into if you just updated your computer to Window 11. Many users have reported about this issue so we have listed all the related solution for your problem along with the required steps to follow along with it.