Necessary Apps for iOS Device Security

Description: Stop worrying about your iPhone protection. For this, install the iOS security apps mentioned in this article.Nowadays, an ordinary user may utilize iPhones not only for watching movies after hard word days, chatting with friends, etc. In the century of development of technology, devices started to be used for everything. You may check your work emails, look at bank statements, order products and goods, etc.

This means more sensitive data and information are stored on your devices. Thus, the security of these devices should be your top priority. If you have already accepted some precautions in the form of strong passwords, you may wonder “Do I need extra security for Apple devices?”

As the practice shows, users should secure their devices additionally. The reason is that cyber criminals constantly find ways of hacking your device and stealing private data. Thus, ordinary precautions may not be enough.

Fortunately, one may discover a large number of iPhone security apps on the App Store. They will be helpful for better protecting your device from hackers. Keep reading further in order to find out what applications should be installed by every user of the iOS operating system as soon as possible.

Find My iPhone
Everybody is afraid to lose his/her iPhone. The worst situation would be if your device is stolen. Fortunately, with the “Find My” app, you will never lose your iPhone forever. With it, you will be able not only to locate your device but also block it.

What does it mean? In case your device was stolen, a thief would not be able to get access to its data since there would be a need to log in to your iCloud account again. If you are still afraid for your personal information to appear in the hands of thieves, you have the possibility to delete all data remotely using the “Find My” application.

Every user probably has pictures and videos that should be hidden. But what if one may want to hide entire applications? With the Locker app, this wish can come into reality.

Inside this app, you can hide photos, notes, various applications, and files. This makes those things even more secure. Even if a thief has access to your device, one should utilize Face ID or Touch ID in order to get into the Locker application. What’s more interesting, is that you can change the application icon to something more inconspicuous. For example, the Locker app can look like a calendar or calculator application.

A large number of vulnerabilities can wait for users while they are surfing the internet. Unfortunately, any device is not immune to them. This is where the iOS VPN service is considered the best way to stay safe while browsing. For example, VeePN cares about your online experience. It will take several minutes in order to download iOS VPN on your device. How will your iPhone be protected with the help of a VPN? To start using iOS VPN you should select a subscription plan and connect to any server. Such VPN is likewise available on your iPad. That’s all, your data is safe. Apple VPN free trial is possible for users to make sure they should not worry about threats while using home or public Wi-Fi.

Apple Wallet
Being the most secure wallet, Apple Wallet can provide users with different features. Aside from securing your debit and credit cards, you can make use of them along with airline boarding passes, transit cards, student ID cards, event tickets, etc.

With the assistance of in-built functionalities of Apple Wallet and your device, you can likewise utilize it as your Car Key. As you have guessed, it enables you to unlock your car and get access to it. Among other pleasant functions, users are able to earn money with the help of rewards and loyalty cards when utilizing it.

Onion Browser
It is not a secret that when you are in-network, Internet browsers track your browsing history and then sell collected information to advertisers. This is the main reason why you may get annoying pop-up advertisements and suspicious links with unique offers. Thus one of the best security apps for the iPhone is a reliable browser titled Onion Browser. With its assistance, your browsing will stay private.

Being free of charge and an open-source browser, the Onion Browser provides users with the possibility to surf anonymously. What’s more, is that this browser clears cookies and closes all of your tabs every time you exit the application.

If you still wonder “Are security apps necessary on iPhone?”, then you should look at statistics and recent research. Cybercriminals continue to steal sensitive data of both ordinary users and business owners. Until you install particular applications, you are at risk all the time to become the next victim of hackers.

Among a large number of reliable apps, some of them are third-party while others can come by default. To save time, you can familiarize yourself with our list of the best iOS security apps. All of them can effectively protect your device separately. But uniting them, you will create a great shield for your device so none of the hackers have a chance to get access to it.

Samir Prakash Author