What is PimpAndHost and how to access to it?

PimpAndHost error refers to inability of users to access the PimpAndHost website. A number of users have reported that when they try to visit this web page, they fail because of some unknown reasons. It looks like Google doesn’t index this web portal; this might be because of its risque behavior. If you try to find this domain through Google, you will supposedly fail. Nevertheless, you can still visit the web page directly: click here.

However, Bing indexes this web page where you can read the site description:

Free Image Hosting & Sharing For websites, blogs and forums. What makes us unique? Stability, Speed and premium Support. Sign Up for FREE!:

The Fame of Photo Sharing:

In modern day, taking images and sharing them to multiple social sites is one of the most common deeds among the young generation people. People frequently take images and share them to various photo-sharing platforms. From time to time, we keep getting new photo sharing platforms where we can upload images or galleries whenever we want to share them almost certainly with other users over the web. You can take and then upload pictures in your profiles or accounts that are available for seeing by the proposed people.

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Depending on the size of your image, you need to pick an appropriate site to share it. We have a number of photo-sharing platforms with different features, and thus, you may not able to share your all your files on all the domains. Among those picture-hosting platforms, one is PimpAndHost where users commonly share risqué images. However, in recent times, thousands of users have complained about PimpAndHost error due to which, they just can’t able to access the site.

Short Description on PimpAndHost:

You may consider what type of site this PimpAndHost is! Well, it’s a web portal that allows you to share high-quality photos, presented by pimpandhost.com and it normally offers sharing of risqué pictures. People share those images by gaining access through making an account in the website where they can share the images. Unlike other image-support platforms, this particular one offers several additional features. Owners of this application have included the latest innovations and thus, provide better changes for a better experience.

Features of PimpAndHost:

Below are some of the defined features that make this tool excellent and tempting to the users.

  • This site has a fast upload feature that has been specially designed for the people who don’t have a pimpandhost account. Nevertheless, you should still create an account before using this application to access its all the existing features.
  • Through this platform, you can also share the GIFs which is an animation format of pictures. You may convert and animate various scenes and actions into GIFs to give a more specific impression. GIF is the second most used image format after JPEG and thus, it has certainly made the site more standard.
  • It allows you to create an album for your images. You can create albums in your pimpandhost accounts and therefore, can organize the photos you upload into these albums according to different groups.
  • The Google Safe Browsing reports have rated it safe and hence, you can access this web page without being considered for anything. Viruses normally attack most of the photo sharing domains but, pimpandhost has nothing to do with any malevolent or suspicious act.
  • This tool lets you to upload files of countless formats such as JPG, GIF and BMP. The size of the image uploaded has a quite high limit, of up to 5 MBs. It’s a reasonable size considering the fact that they don’t apply any charges.
  • One more eye-catching feature of this website is image editing that makes it unique. Through the pimping feature, you can edit the image even after uploading it.

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How To Use PimpAndHost?

You can visit this web domain for two purposes: one is to upload your photos and other is to view the uploaded images. You can see the available pictures just by entering the site’s domain www.pimpandhost.com on the browser’s address bar and visiting the web page. On the home page of this web portal, you go through various tabs on the top of the page where you can find your chosen categories. If you want to upload your images, you can easily do that by clicking on the upload button and choosing the picture from your system’s storage or by dragging the images into the upload button. And therefore, you must create an account first which is provision in the domain.

If you want to create an account on the pimpandhost web portal, first of all, go to the site’s home page and then tap on sign up button at the top right of the web page. A dialog box will appear where you have to submit your email and generate a password. Once you submit these details, after that you will be able to manage your account’s profile and begin uploading the particular photos. After creating an account, you will get various features such as making albums and editing pictures.

This article have provided you all the details about pimpandhost website where you can share your pictures in a more inclusive and cognizant way. The site’s accessibility is more proficient and eye-catching than any other domain. This web page has reasonably good-looking and intuitive look that definitely attracts the users.

Samir Prakash Author