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Mp3 Songs Free Download for Mobile using Snaptube App

When we need to download random songs on our phone, most of us search for a to z MP3 songs free download for mobile. However, we get a saturated page of suggestions as a result. It is irritating to see so many advertisements and clickbait sites. They waste our time and keep asking for money.  […]

Most Efficient App for MP3 Video Download – Snaptube

Undoubtedly, MP3, a widely used and in-demand digital audio file format, offers sound quality in an optimized mode.  As MP3 is supported by almost all online forums, websites, media players, and gadgets, people frequently look for the best online MP3 video download app.  If you are reading this post, you will also be looking for […]

How to Fix Google Play Store Error Checking for Updates [Steps]

What is ‘Google Play Store Error Checking for Updates’ issue? If you are facing Google Play Store Error Checking for Updates or Error Checking for updates message in Google Play Store app whenever an app update is in queued, and looking for ways to fix, then you in right-place for the solution. Here, you are […]

How to Bypass Android Lock Screen using Camera

We all use to lock our phone’s screen to prevent unauthorized access. But what if we forgot our password and unable to unlock the device. Well it is one of the most nerve wrecking situations but fortunately there are several tricks to unlock the device, one is factory resetting but it will make you lose […]

Fix: Android connect to Wi-Fi but use Mobile Data

Here in this particular section we will discuss about Android Connected to Wi-Fi but uses the Mobile data. Well this is not a very serious situation. But this can be a problematic situation for those who have data limit per month. That’s why they rely on Wi-Fi connections but what if they are connected to […]

Best NDS Emulators for Android 2022

In this tutorial we will discuss about NDS Emulators for Android 2022. The Nintendo DS Console is a handheld gaming system from Nintendo which features two screens and a touch screen which help to introduce a while new group of users to gaming. Several different models of Nintendo DS have been released. And it is […]

Fix Unfortunately IMS Service has stopped Android [Steps]

What is ‘Unfortunately IMS Service has stopped’ error Android? In this post , we are going to discuss on “How to fix Unfortunately IMS Service has stopped Android”. You will be guided with easy steps/methods. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. Let’s starts the discussion. ‘IMS Service’: IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) […]

Fix unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped (Solved)

Are you looking solution for the above displayed error? Hello to everyone whoever is reading this blog I am sure you are in panic as you are unable to access your Android device but we have relief for you. In this particular article will talk over unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped error with all […]

android app development trends

7 Android app development trends every developer should keep an eye on in 2021

Being one of the most widely used mobile software globally, Android holds a stake of more than 70% of users globally. Moreover, it is open-source and user-friendly software, opening a world of opportunities for developers and giving them the flexibility of using codes, platforms, and algorithms for Android App Development. At the same time, it […]