Fix Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

It happens many times when a computer starts to run very slow and denies users to use their own machine easily. In such instances, it can be identified a number of application running in background, are eating enough of system resources. In the such cases, digital tv tuner device registration application can also be a possible reason. If this is really the case that’s causing your system to lag or freeze frequently, then you should fix digital tv tuner device registration application issues. This article is all about resolving this issue in easy steps and you might love to read the recommended procedures.

About Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

The digital TV tuner device registration application is actually a part of Windows Media Center, and also a scheduled task. This feature allows users to watch premium digital cable channels straight from cable operators on computer. This can be identified as ehprivjob.exe as exe file which is not an essential system process.

However, most of the active software entities on computer use to store data on computers and its registry values as well, this often leads to creation of a lot of fragmented files. These files further causes creation of invalid registries, thus manage to affect computer’s overall performance. If you are facing digital tv tuner device registration application issues, then your system might be suffering aforesaid condition.

Speaking about Ehprivjob.exe file, it’s a program which included machine code. Means, in case you execute Media Center on your Windows, the file will also get loaded in computer’s RAM as associated Media Center process. According to reports from users suffering problems with this process, it’s noticed that there’s running too many processes at the same time, however Ehprivjob.exe itself is not completely a CPU intensive element.

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Table of Contents

How to fix digital tv tuner device registration application issues?

Fix 1: Turning off Windows features

This is the first recommended fix to deal with digital tv tuner device registration problems. Turning off Windows features will disable some selected features, thus manage to decrease overall load on system performance. The required steps to do so include:

1. Open Control Panel on windows by clicking start button and typing control panel. More simply, just click Win+R combined and type “control panel” and press Enter key.

2. Click on Programs and Features option

3. Once Control Panel is opened, select Turn Windows Feature On or Off option

4. Scroll down and click + beside Media Features to expand its options

5. Find Windows Media Center in options and uncheck the checkbox right next to it

6. Click Apply followed by Ok, and restart your Windows

Fix 2: Stopping unwanted or high resource eating processes in Resource Monitor

In this method, you are going to find the process eating enough system resources and stopping it manually. it’s very simple and needs to follow steps here mentioned:

1. Open Task Manager by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys combined

2. Navigate to Performance tab and open Resource Monitor located at bottom

3. Look what process is actually eating more than enough of CPU, Memory, and Disk resources.

4. The list might include Ehprivjob.exe file eating resources like never, so select the process and choose to End Process

5. You can also stop such processes too which seems useless to reduce load on RAM and other PC resources

Fix 3: Disabling a Scheduled Task

According to some tech experts, disabling this can also be helpful to overcome digital tv tuner device registration application problems. Since, the process is actually a scheduled task of Media Center, disabling it can also resolve issues caused by it. In this specific case, you would have to disable a background task known as “ehdrminit”. Follow the steps to accomplish this:

1. Press windows and chooe Task Scheduler option in the list.

2. In the left pane of Task Scheduler, navigate to Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows.

3. Find the folder where ehdrminit is located and right click on it to choose Disable option

Although this process has helped many user to fix the issue, many users have also reported they are not helped with it. In case you belongs to such users, look through the next solution to fix digital tv tuner device registration application.

Fix 4: Just De-install Tv Tuner

In case you tried all above fix or solutions to overcome slow or frequent crashing performance of your windows, you might like to uninstall Tv tuner instead. To uninstall Tv tuner completely, get through the steps here prescribed:

1. Open Control Panel

2. Click on Programs and Features

3. in the list of installed apps on windows, select Digital TV Tuner, and right click on it

4. Choose Uninstall, this will start a wizard to uninstall this software. Follow on screen instructions to complete.

5. Now, click Win+R and type regedit to launch Registry Editor on windows

6. In Registry Editor, navigate to below mentioned sections and delete all its values.


7. Reboot your Windows now.

Fix 5: Run Reimage Repair utility to fix digital TV tuner device registration application issues

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Following manual steps or methods as described in above sections probably easy for technical users, but for those who are non technical, it’s completely hard cake for them. So, choosing an automatic issue resolver option can be the safe for them that can also be reliabe to assure a Windows system running efficiently and error free. We recommend choosing Advanced System Repair software because it’s all in one solution and a suite for Windows OS lashed with many features. Using these features, fixing any issues can easily be resolved whether it be regarding crash issues or malware issues. Just follow a few steps ahead.

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  1. Advanced System Repair Tool and install on your PC. (Follow all on screen instructions when installer is executed)
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